My Reviews!! THe Beginning OF the BEND!!

HELLO people WHO watch LOST!! HEre is MY Review of THe PREMIERE episode "The Beginning OF THE bend"

- HURLEY is not a good DRIVER in his flashback!! MAYBE he should use HIS money for DRIVING lessons!!
- It was NICE to hear about the OCEANIC 6!! I thinK it mUST be a club OF rich PEOPLE who fly on the OCEANIC planes!!
- JACK LIKES to drink VODKA for breakfast!!I do not THINK that is A GOOD diet!!
- HURLEY for SOME reason JUMPS in the sea to TRY and make Desmond CAPZISE his boat!!
- JACK is not very GOOD at NETBALL
- JACK and hurley ALSO knew each other BEFORE the crash!!
- Hurley IS arrested for KNOCKING stuff over in the SHOP
- FOR some reason there IS a fish TANK in the police STATIOn!!
- HURLEY breaks the Fishtank and is SCARED of water!!
- CHARLIE managed to ESACPE from the Looking GLASS station and MANAGED to swim to THE FIshTAnk in the POLICE station!!
- Charlie AND hurley DID indeed mEET before the CRASH!! That proves MY theory!!
- THe Island HEALED naomi so she COULD go TREE climbing!!
- THE Island THEN killed Naomi!!
- NAOMI has A sister CALLED Minowski!!
- WHY does kate KEEP going off AND getting iN trouble!! SHE Is definatlee DHARMA!!
- We saw OUR first GAY couple!!
- We SAW jacks DAD having a REST in Jacobs CABIN!!
- I STILL dont KNOW why DESMOND was in JACOBS cabin with HIM!!
- Hurley SPLIT his tears on CLAIRE face!!
- BABY erin has a BIG head!!
- It waas GOOD to SEE alvorn Hason AGAIN!!
- BEN is PLAYING some funny game and likes PRETENDING to be a dog on a LEASE!!
- For SOME reason A postman with a TIE on parachuted oNTO the island!!
- THe SMOKE monster attacked the HELIcopter!!


  1. hey mitif!! you forgot to talk about the M.I.B. that tried to steal hurley's food in the hospital

    keep up the good krow

  2. InCreDible REVELATIONS ! THank You ! Except FOR ONE THING : I dont think it's a FISH TANK in the Police STation but a SWIMMING Pool , Maybe Bought by Japanese SOONG'S FATHER Which is Very Powerful !


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