My REVIEWS!! - Confined to BEd!!

YES it is I the gReat LOSTIGATORS!!HERE with my REVEW and question FROM episode 2, Confined to BEd!!

Why Was NIles TALKING to himself IN Ekos BEDROOM!!
Why DID Niles Bring HIS own VACUMM cleaner!!
why DID the FRIEGHTER people ALSO parachute A Dog ONTO the Island!!
Why WAS Niles Hovering AT Eko's HOUSE!!
Frank LAPdancer is a BIT clumsy LIKE Mr Maglue HE dropped HIS plane into HIS WAter TANK!!
Charlotte WAS healed INSTANTLY by the Island after BEING shot!!
Karl IS not VERY good AT looking AFTER guns!!
Matthew Avalon Has A large OFFICE but no ONE is there!!
It WAS nice TO meet Namoi's SISTER!!
Frank LapDancer TRIED to shoot a COW with a FLAREd gun BUT missed!!
CLAire SEEMS to have FORGOTTEN about charlies DEATH as she Heartlessly LAUGHED in this EPISODE!!
The FRAYTer people Parachuted A new DOG onto the Island
It WAS good TO see the SMOKE monster again disguised AS the COW!!
HOW did Frank lapdancer HURT his leg when HE landed the HELIcopter SO well!!
Postman DANIEL was wearing A tie for some REASON!!Was HE off to HAVE a meeting with SOMEONE!!
Is Niles A CAnnibool!!He CALLED naomi MEAT!!
WHY did Locke ASK ben a STUPID Question!!
I think BERNARD AKA Alfred Hanso IS the MAN on the BOAT!!
WHERE was DESMOND in this EPISODE!! HAs he ALREADY left the ISLAND!!


  1. Bernard AKA hanso is one crazy mutha fucka! he's BEHIND everything, he even went back in time to England to give everyone BAD TEETH as your teeth regognition software revealed 2 seasons ago!

  2. you are one heck of a tit



    !F?2EC7 ;GJJ 3AA96] } ICC2 C=C G7 2CCBCB]

    What does this mean Misfit?
    Lostigate this for me please.
    Was typing in random names and came up with this. I am 95.697% sure this means something.

  4. great review but you missed one:
    Why does Juliet have rubber on the soles of her feet? She bounces when she walks.


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