My reviews!! The EGgtimer!!

- LOCKE seems to LIKE killing CHICKENS with his HANDS
- LOCKEs EGGS gave him SUPERhumane Strenght AS he nearly KNOCKED the wall down!!
- There WAS more proof that KATE and JACK knew each other BEFORE the crash AS they WERE involved in a TRIAL!! More evidnce that they HAVE had there BRIANS washed!!
- I DID not realise KATE was so FAMOUS before the CRASH!!Lots of Photographers!!
- Did THE island CURE jin os HIS speach DISABILTY in that he could NOT speak ENGLISH and NOW he CAN!!
- WHY did KATE steal HUGOs FOOD tray!!
- WHY is MILES hiding IN the shed!!
- IS BABY erin Infected with the SICKNESS!!Kate Refused to pick HIM up for CLAIRE!!
- WHEre DID hugo FIND the BLUE RAY dvd player TO watch XANDADoo on!!
- I think Niles was BEING greedy when HE asked Benny for 3.2 billon Dollars!! I think 2.845 Billion WOULD have been SUFFICIANT!!
- KATE now has SUperhuman POWERS as she LIFTED Niles up by his THROAT with 1 hand!!
- KATES mum has the SAME tube up her NOSE as Benny had in Season 1!!
- DANIAL Faradance HAS a terrible MEMORY and cant EVEN remember 6 CARDS!!
- LOCKE is not a GOOD cook!! He DOES puts A mouldy GREEN orange IN Niles MOUTH to feed him!!
- KATE appears to HAVE foudn a CHILD from somewhere called ALAN AND is keeping him Locked UP in her HOUSE against HIS wills!!


  1. didn't you realize that there are no flashbacks? IT WAS A FLASHFORWARD and is the future, after the plaincrash.

  2. Another great review but I'm not sure that Locked is a bad cook. The moldy orange that he shoved into Miles' yap is the type of oranges that normally grow on the island. They come right off the trees all army greenish & lumpy like that.

  3. You are soooooooooo stupid.

  4. Hmm... I thought Kate's baby's name was ERIN like Claire's. I couldn't figure out why she gave her kid the same name as Claire's. Couldn't she think of a better name?

    But maybe her baby is sick, too, and that's why Jack wouldn't go see it?

  5. My closed captioning said Kate's baby's name was Aaron. I think he's baby Erin's older brother, because they look alike.

  6. Lol, you're funny man! E-mail me at please!!!

  7. Just one more observation- Claire seems to be over the fact that Charlie just died.

  8. besides the show and the sex scenes involving kate... i look forward to your blog updates more than anything.

    sawyer is the only dude on the island that has played stink finger with two different chicks!

    all the best
    your fan
    - jacob

  9. roflmao at the mouldy green apple.
    Misfit u r priceless and dont let no-one tell u different

  10. i knew i'd seen that tube somewhere-you have done it again misfit! you are first with the facts and this is why the real lost fans love you-noobs just call you nasty names. keep it up,kiddo.

  11. Future titles

    4x05 - The Incontinent - Hurley gets diarea
    4x06 - The other womb - about Kate's pregnancy
    4x07 - Ji-Hyundai - Jin buys a car
    4x08 - Beat Kevin Johnson - Locke becomes a boxer in a flash forward


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