My REviews of EPISODE 5 the Consonant!!

- I did NOT detect many Consonants BUT I found A LOT of Vowels!!
- It LOOKed like CHARLES Wideload managed to OUT BIDD Ben who was hiding in THE back row
- Charles Wideload HAS a problem with TAPS!!
- WHy did Wideload UrinATE into the SInk!!
- WHY did desmond pretent NOT to know Sayeed!!
- FRank Lapdancer IS not a good PILOT he FLEW into a STORM!!
- DID anyone ELSE find it ODD that his SERGENT major WAS also HIS priest FROM the Monestry!!
- NICE to see MRS Sqawkings AGAIN at the auction HOUSE!!
- IT seemed STRANGE that Daniel Farrowday DID not reember meeeting DESMOND!!
- WHY did the MAZE kill the RABIT!!
- DESMOND seems to SPEND most of the EPISODE on the PHONE!!How is HE going to pay the BILL
- I did not LIKE the persons ON the BOAT called creamy and Homar!!
- WHY does DESMOND keep falling ASLEEP!!It is quite RUDE when you are talking on the PHONE!!
- WHY did Desmond STANGLE and kill Minowsky!!
- WHY did Daniel AND desmond ARRANGE a meeting in THE past!!That IS crazy Bananananas
- WHO rubbed OFF the writing ON desmonds HANDS!!
- WHY is Daniel SENDING rabbits into the FUTURE!!I would SEND something more USEFUL like a cat!!
- It WAS interesting to SEE daniel Working at the SAME monestry AS mrs Sqawkings and the Seager MAJOR!!
- MR wideload SEEMS to SPEND a lot of MONEY on the book adn then LEAVES without READING it!!
- WHY does daniel THINK that DESMOND has a consonant FOR him!!


  1. ok it was CONSTANT not consonent and you spell everything on its SAYID and WHITMORE

  2. Also the same monetary that Charlie and Liam visit. Too bad they all weren't there at the same time.

  3. I want to know how they got a hold of Heath Ledger's diary!!

  4. Incase you people didn't know, this guy is actually clever, and is making fun of hardcare fans that come up with nonesense and tend to CAPITALISE everything THEY think IS important! So in real life, themisfit is normal! Don't ask me how I know this, but it's true!

  5. All I know is he a lier and doesnt even watch lost
    dont ask me how I know this I just do

  6. then how do you account for all of his EXTREMELY valid QUESTIONS?

  7. why didnt Bend outbid for the BOOK?

  8. misfit touches kids, fact


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