SPOILER for EPISODE 5 - THE Consonant!!

HELLO again!! I am BACK with MORE info from MY mole AT ABC!!

In EPISODE 5 the Consonant WE see DESMONDS penny AGAIN but she IS WITH charlies BROTHER Leon!!


  1. This shot was from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Nice Try though.

  2. This is from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  3. This is from Sarah Conner Chronicles episode 5, and that face of the man is photoshopped. Why do you ruin some of the good finds you have with shit like this?

  4. this is from the new show terminator the sarah connor chronicles

  5. that is two scenes from Terminator: the sarah conner chronicles mixed up

  6. Since when did Lost air on FOX ???

    Good coincidence though !

  7. Misfit...nobody makes me laugh like you do. You are a goddamn genius. Don't ever quit man, even when Lost ends!

    And those people who don't seem to 'get' it...Jesus. It's like the plot of 'The Usual Suspects' around here. Everyone disses a particular guy, thinking he hasn't got a clue...and all the while, he's a freakin' genius playing you all :D

    Misfit = Kaiser Soze.

  8. Do you think this is from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? I have a hunch it might be?

  9. how can this be from terminator? that WOMAN looks nothing like Arnold swartchengger.

  10. Your mole is playing with you misfit, that photo is from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, by the way the episode´s name is "The Constant"

    here is a list with the oficial names of the episodes of season 4 so far

    401 The Beginning of the End
    402 Confirmed Dead
    403 The Economist
    404 Eggtown
    405 The Constant

    keep up the good work misfit


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