Why WAS Niles Hoovering EKO's house

SOME that CONFUSED me a little in LAST nights EPISODE confined TO bed was THAT Niles WAS sent AROUND to EKO's HOUSE to do SOME hovering!!

Is NIles a Cleaner!!

You CAN clearly SEE a pHOTO of EKO on THE wall!! AND I dont KNOW about you BUT when I hover I PUT the hoover ON the FLOOR not on a Table!!


  1. dust BUSTER / ghost BUSTERs?

    there must be some connection, buster!

    whatever you do, don't cross the beams, miles!

    and buster backwards is retsub...an eastern egg for the submarine returning? maybe underwater charlie will bring back the sub and save everyone next week!

  2. I like poo. Oh yes I do.Friday, February 08, 2008 2:26:00 pm

    Dat IZ NOT EKO!!
    It iZ A wet TURD!!
    dEY FotoGrAffed IT Coz Dey GOTS a POO FeetisHH LYK MeH.
    I lYK POO!!

  3. You are my favorite Lost site. You have all the best clues!

    I think that Niles had a Ghostbuster machine that he made out of a Dustbuster, and then he added a ghost attachment. I'm not sure that he was in Eko's house, though, but it's hard to tell because all black people look the same.

  4. what had happened was that the hostile dharma initiative was planning on getting the robotic vacuum cleaners to take over earth and enslave humanity, but they wanted to make sure they could control the minds of the regular, non-robotic vacuums, so they had this vacuum partnered with niles, (which has a connection with ana lucia's PARTNER, in this episode as well) so what a lot of people don't know is that eko could talk to vacuums so his ghost was all like, look i will pay you guys off if you go to the island with guns and flashing lights and create a lot of suspense, meet the dead ghost me at my grandmas in america, dog. oh yeah alvar hanso is a vacuum. that's not what eko said, i'm saying that.

  5. Clever use of the verb hoover! You really are the best Lostigator and Verbrator!!!!!

  6. Just cos hes black he must be eko?

    Get some glasses misfit :P

  7. Cease and desist, now.

  8. .
    and the womans name was gardner.
    there was a picture on the wall of a kid in football gear. again eko was brought up in nigeria, not the us

  9. and all racists talk the same bullshit davismsdavis you fucking muppet

  10. Lol I think you're out of ideas now.


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