WORDl exclusive!! FIRst Picture OF gay couple!!

Hello MY many FANS!! I BRING to you all today THE first SIGHTING of the LOST gay couple!!Many SO called LOStigators like Dorkufo, DocFarts, AND Doc Jempson HAVE all tried BUT it is I the GREAT Lostigator ThEmIsFiTiShErE that BRINGS you this WOLRD Exclusive!!

In the PREMIERERE of LOST "THE BegINNING of the Bend" WE saw to MEN hold hands AND Go off WITH lock TO join HIS group!!

There IS no need TO thank ME!!


  1. HA HA HA! Great find as always misfit! : )

  2. it's all about taking your stick back. watch again. :P


  3. hahaha, I saw that too. I was like "wait...wait...what?"


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