Why WAS everyone IN this Episode Asleep!!

Using A Fork, A SOCK some jelly and MAYO I decide to PAINT eyes WITH my new INVENTION that enables me TO observe LOST 34.5762% Better THAN anyone eLSE on this PLanet or others!! It made MY eyes STING a bit BUT as you can see THE results are Stupendus!!

I have OBVSERVED that every CHARACTER that appeareed in gee ON WAS asleep!!

THERE is not need to THANK me for this!!

use YOUR electronic mouse OR real MOUSE to MAKE the image Explode IS sizeness!!


  1. If you look closely at the second picture on the fifth row you can spot Hanso!

  2. Furthermore!

    Some of these people seem to be talking in their sleep!

    Perhaps they are sleeping prophets like Edgar Headcase.

  3. mIsFiT -

    You are absolutely inspired. I have been following your posts for quite some time, and every Recap gets better and better, and your sense of satire and silliness about LOST and the nature of fandom is always spot-on and very prescient. It is very obvious that you love LOST quite a bit, and enjoy entertaining the people that share the same affections for the show as yourself.

    But this installment borders on art; at least to me. I wish there was a way to have ALL of the characters, on a big enough poster, caught while they were "sleeping."

    Please keep up the amazingly funny work, and thanks for helping me have a better than usual Friday morning! (even though last night's episode was great in my opinion)


  4. I can't believe I missed all theses clue!!!! Great work mIsFiT. You are the best lostigator.

  5. jesus christ, give it up. you are insanely unfunny

  6. it´s called BLINKING XD

    Keep up the good work misfit

  7. RESPECT to mIsFit for such an AMAZING find. You have now SOLVED 99.9999483% of LOSTED. Well done.


  9. yeah, just what is a "moran" anyway?

    These people are asleep because they have come down with the dreaded sickness. It first starts with uncontrollable, vexatious blinking. Blinking faster & faster than even Superman could possibly fly, the lids start malfunctioning, careening out of control. Then, as those eyelids come to a complete stop, the dreaded sickness begins.

    Have pity on them.

  10. >it´s called BLINKING XD
    >Keep up the good work misfit

    fuck sleeping on the island is called blinking? this is more complicated than i had imagined!

  11. misfit, i know you're doing all this for fun, but im wondering, do you really have that much time to do all this? i enjoy reading this because it kinda makes me laugh sometimes. peace

  12. And, in a few of these "sleep talking " screencaps (good catch LoneAssassin) the listener is looking directly at the speaker. Soon, the Losties are going to start sorting out the clues for themselves.

    If only, they had seen the boom mic . . .

    (so glad I found a link to your site at DocArzt)

  13. If only we could look into their brains and see them being washed!
    Is possible that you and anon have been retired from the game as you know too much?

  14. second to last picture desmond is not asleep >:o


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