Niles is A Hero!!

HELLO fans!! I have BEEN given exclusive PHOTOS from mY mole at ABC of Episode 12 OF season 4!! IT is a NILES flashback!!It shows the TIME from when he WAS a hero!!


  1. OH wow great find MisFit, I wasn't aware that Hayden Panettiere was joining Lost! LMAO!!

  2. I guess that girl is dead. Cos Niles 'sees' dead people.

    Misfit, you should replace Mikhail Smackinem in the Flame because you sure know how to dig up bio information!

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  4. Why IS Cher BONNETT hanging around with NILES? Can NILES read minds because HE'S one of the "Heroes"? Do CHER's healing POWERS come from the island? I can't wait to see these two great SHOWS combine forces.

  5. Nice try, Shangai Kiss movie:

  6. Nice try, this is a movie Shangai Kiss:

  7. still waiting for you to say where you want to meet up at to prove you really live where you say you do

  8. Did you notice how miles is also seen in XMEN 3 ?
    that doesn´t mean he´s really an XMEN

    well... he´s an ACTOR

    By the way, it´s not CHER BONNET
    It´s Claire Bennet

    Nice Try Though
    Keep up the good work miss-hit


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