Season 4 FINALE - CLaire and Erin flashyForwards!!

YES people I am BACK after MY trip to ICEland!! I was disappoint AT the lack of ICE!! I then WENT to greenland BUT it was not VERY green!!It seems that either SOMEONE has misnamed THESE crazy cities OR that GreenLAND has stolen the ICE from ICELAND!!

But ENOUGH of my Travel!! I have SOME major Scopage FOR you ALL!! HEre ARE 2 photos from the SEASON 4 FINALE!! We can SEE claire and her daughter Erin IN a MASSIVE flashforward! She APPEARS to have recaptured erin from the evil KATE!!

ALSO sawyer and JACK and niles all DIE as you CAN see below!!

The above CONTAINS spoilers!!


  1. Sawyer and Niles were killed by that mini nuclear explosion! Claire narrowly escapes the blast radius!!

  2. It looks like someone stole Claire's pants! And why is she pretending Erin is a boy? Does Smokey kill all the girls born on the island?

    I still want to know what happened to the other baby Kate had named Allan.

  3. damn you misfit!!! damn you and your lostigating!!! you have ruined it for me

  4. the first 2 pictures are promo pictures from emily`s new movie "Ball don`t lie"

    in the third picture, sawyer and miles are asleep!
    (if they`re blinking you say that they`re asleep, and if they`re asleep you say that they`re dead, make up your mind man)

    in the fourth picture jack seems to be hurt but not dead (if he dies he cannot get out of he island therefore the FF cannot exist)

    nice try tough.
    keep it up miss-hit!

  5. I went to norway at christmas and there was no snow for first time in known records.
    this was an accidental 'hit' by me but facsinating how do you get this stuff

  6. Hello
    To THe Cut&PastePOSTmodern humorist
    Do u like Flight of the Conchordes?
    This is my feeble attempt at being hip or whatever phrase you youngsters use these days.
    I have been sucked into a vortex of lost work time this last fortnight. I was a late starter as I don't have TV/phoneline and my dongle only picks up weak GPRS signal.
    I am thinking of starting a class action suit against Walt Disney for willfully contaminating me with obsession and plasma particles.

  7. whoa, how yummy does clair look!!!

  8. But with Jack dead, who will replace him as the man of science?

    Frogurt, perhaps? I assume perfecting frozen yogurt requires quite the scientific mind.

  9. I've been reading this stupid site for a couple of years now and it's kind of like a train wreck.

    You know there's gonna be shit all over the place, you nothing is going to make sense, but you just can't stop from looking.

    Keep up the good work, because my days are always brightened considerably, after reading your posts.


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