I am BACK!!

SOrry FOR not posting BUT our house GOT robbed and they STOLE my computer!!I think IT was ABC or NASA or people FROM the Congo Republic!!

I will REVIEWS the Episode TOMORROW which IS called Cabinet Fever!!

Thank YOU for ALL the nice emails THAT i have got!!


  1. LMFAO!!! I love you!! you make me laugh so much! you're the best MisFit!!

  2. No commentary for Something Nice Back Home?! You can't just skip an aepisode and leave us without your marvelous powers of deduction!

  3. Nice post Mr. Fiti. I love your blog. Good to have you back.

  4. Oh Misfit!!!
    So sorry your house got robbed!
    Glad you are okay tho.

  5. So you are skipping SNBH? I love you and your craziness, but why is EVERYONE ignoring this episode??

  6. Sorry to hear of your misfortune! Obviously, TPTB of LOST do not want you to continue leaking their deepest secrets! :-o


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