Season 5 ALL the spoiLERS for the WHOLE season!!

HELLO fans of ME!! I am SOrry but MY internet company TERMINATED my account as I was OBVIOUSLY getting too CLOSE to the TRUTH FOR the powers THAT bee at ABC and FOX!! I also think A few PEOPLE from Belgium WERE involved AS well!!

BUT it is NOW ok AS I have a NEW internet COMPANY and that HAS massive SPEEDS of 50 MB per hour!! I can NOW get SPOILERS and my Insiteful REVIEWS to you quiker than EVER before!!

My ABC moleman HAS sent ME lots of NEW info!!

Here are the EPISODES titles!!

1 - Because you LEFT - No Centric!!
2 - The Lie - JACk!!
3 - Jughead - DANiel!!
4 - The Little PPRINCE!! - SAYWER!!
5 - This PLACE is Death - Sayid!!
6 - The Life and DEATH of Jeremy Bentham - LOCKE
7 - Time AFTER time - DANiel!!
8 - In the MINDS eye - ROSE/BERNARD (aKa Hanson)
9 - If you GO into the WOODS today!! - Jacob!!
10 - Time Before TIME - Richard ALPERTS!!
11 - Catch ME at Dawn!! - Danielle!!
12 - The RULES!! - WIDMORE and PENNY!!
14 - Fly AWAY - Henry GALE and DESMOND!!
15 - Dial M for Maniac!! Sun
16 - All FOR you!! - JIN

SOME info for YOU

- WE see a YOUNGE danielle in her FLASBACK!!
- Vincent IS the SMOKE monster
- ROse and BERNARD (AkA Alfred Hason) are ADAM and eve!!

I will HAVE more next WEEK when my MOLE man comes back from HAWAIIAN island of MYSTRY


  1. where did you get these from?

    are they real?

  2. YES internet companies are real DESPITE popular contrary BELIEFS!!!

  3. Misfit, I fear for your safety after such a monumental reveal! Be vigilant and beware of strange accents.. Godspeed.

  4. WHAT!

    Where do you get your info from. How legit are these?

  5. I wish you would use a dictionary and learn how to spell!!

  6. Those episodes sound so god - I hope they are real, especially as the writers seemed to have kept their promise about a danielle episode (and richard and real henry)

  7. Even though I know these are all lies...I wish them to be true.
    And the whole Rose/Bernard Adam/Eve thing is something I never thought of before...

    If it's true, it certainly adds a lot of symbolism to the black and white stones found on their corpses....!!!!

    But I do hope "If you GO into the WOODS today!!" would be a title to an episode, cause that's just awesome!!!!

  8. HOW are Rose AND Bernard (aka Alfred Hamsog)ADAM and Eve? They are BOTH alive, at LEAST they were when THEY got to the island. DID they DIE in the BOMB explosion?

  9. oh wow. great that we are getting to Jacob and henry gale again!!!!!

    thank you

  10. they are all iron-clad believable apart from 'because you left', I can't believe you would dream of slipping that past any fellow half arsed lostigators. bring on the first centric: centric episode!

  11. WHY WHY WHY WHY do you still think that poor innocent Bernard is Alvar Hanso (aka Alvin Hansom, Alfred Hamso, Alfred Hamsog, Alvor Hanson, Alvin Whatever)? The real ALVAR HANSO is in the lost experience videos and he looks nothing like poor Bernard. What proof do you have asides from your (obviously faulty) face recognition software? I'd love to know!


    who is CAESAR and why does he have an episode?

  13. "Exodus"???...AGAIN?!???!?....

  14. "I wish you would use a dictionary and learn how to spell!!"

    People are being mean again misfit, I think you should make another one of your genius videos. Your site's the best!

  15. ooohhh I missed you misfit ;o)

  16. Oh my the misfit was correct. The first 6 titles have been confirmed by DarkUFO!

  17. Well this turned out to be true. How the heck were these released so long ago?

  18. You have a good mole in the island Misfit!
    Tony: Caesar is actually a new character on the show played by Sayid Tahmaoui.


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