My Analysis OF the SEason 5 PROMO!! Plus Explosive SPIOILERS!!

HEllo!! I am QUITE angry TODAY as ABC have released A new PROMO without FIRST informing ME!! Seeing as I am THE great LOSTIGator and Spoileragator I should HAVE had ACCESS to this FIRST!!

Well I shall WRITE to them and COMPLAIN!! But here is MY analysis and QUESTIONS!!

This IS sun Packing some guns and COAT hangers!! MISFIT EXCLUSIVE: She is GOING to kill BEN!!

Sawyer HAS gone insane on the ISLAND and thinks he IS Tarzan!!

ANOTHER drug PLANE crashes on the ISLAND!! With ALL their Druggy mOney I thought THEY could GET planes that did NOT crash SO often!! MISFIT EXCLUSIVE: WE see EKO again in this EPISODE!!

Daniel IS looking FOR a new TIE to wear: MISFIT EXLUSIVE!! BUT instead GOES back in TIME and MEETS Radzinky in the HATCH!!

WHO IS shining the TORCH into juliets and SAWYERS face!! MISFIT EXCLUSIVE!! Sawyer and JULIET kiss!!

WHY is there a Dharma LOGO on Jack!!

Locke Tries to TOUCH a large SERPANT!!

JULIET finds an OLD TV that will help them STAY entertained at NIGHT!!

SAYID gets electrocuted and HIS hair goes WILD!!

WHAT sort OF asylum LETS its PATIENTS run around with GUNS!! At least it has a SILENCER on it so he WONT wake up the other patients!!

Charlotte is HAVING a nose bleed like MINKOKski and needs to FIND her CONSTANT otherwise she WILL die!! MISFIT EXCLUSIVE!! Her costant is ANNIE her ISLAND childhood FIEND!!

MAMMOTH SPOILER!! The person HOLDING the gun at LOCKE is LOCKE!!


  1. Where the fuck did you get these images? What promo?

  2. what the hell are these?

  3. how the hell did you get a season 5 promo photos already???? They have not started filming yet!

  4. I love you misfit

    please marry me

  5. You're amazing, misfit, a true genius, the best, an incredible lostigator and spoilergator. May people worship you for many years to come! I also think its unbelievably dispicable that abc didn't call you about that promo. I think you should forget about a simple complaint - go round their houses and pound them with your fists of fury! (Carton Curses gave away his address on one of the audio commentaries on the season 2 dvds)

  6. Hey TIMTAM, it says SPOILERS in the title, genius.

    Karl, you can see the promo at or you can always go to the LOST general board on and get your info there.

    Misfit, you're funny.

  7. Anonymous said: how the hell did you get a season 5 promo photos already???? They have not started filming yet!


    What the fuck are you talking about?
    They started filming a couple of months ago.

  8. LOL they started filming in August.

    LOL @ all these people being behind. Are they fans or not?

    And I bet you're right about half the things you've said here, especially Dan going back in time.

  9. I hope you are feeling better after your mystery illness..take care now.

  10. I have worms in my poo.



  11. i love how ppl keep sayin they dont start filming until, what a week or two before the premiere?

  12. god if they film it all in 10 days then edit it they must be fast :-P Wrong

  13. im from the future btw mwhaha 10 days in fact


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