The MiSFITs Dares TO ask!! - WHy were THE oceanic PEOPLE photoshooping SUNs passport

HELLO people!! It was good to HAVE lost back again!! Althoight IT seemed LIKE a very long EPISODE!!

I was A Little ANNOYED with the first hour of the PREMIERE as they seemed to USE a lot of old STOCK footage from the SHOW and it did not really show me MUCH new stuff!! The 2 nd episode WAS much BETTER and I will have my review of the EPISODE later on!!

BUT here is the first oF a number of POST!!

WHY was the Oceanic check in CLARK photoshopping SUNS passport!!


  1. Hehehe. Just checked the episode. It's a genuine capture folks.

    (But then, knowing British passport control, maybe this is really how they do things!)

  2. HOW could they have overlooked that!? First this, then the obvously visible sound/ mic thingy. It looks like the production staff have got very very sloppy!

  3. But more sloppy editing means more great misfit posts. :)


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