My REVIews!! Episode 5x01 - Because YOUR left HANDED!!

HEllo people!! I am back with MY first REVIEW of SEason 5!! I still CANNOT believe that this is THE last season!!

Well!! The first HOUR of Becasue YOUR left HANDED WAS very disappointing As it APPEARED that LOST has suffered from THE credit crunchy!! Tey USED a lot of OLD footage and EVEN cartonn Cuse and Damien Lintoff MADE cameos APPEAREANCES. It also SEEMED like everything was on a LOOP as we had SEEN a lot of these EVENTS!!

The 2nd HOUR of 5x01 WAS much better and it seemed ABC had more money FOR this EPISODE!!

This EPISODE OPENED with a clock for some REASON and it WOKE baby Miles UP!! Marvin CANDLES had to GO a feed BABY miles!! I Was SHOCK ED to see SUN in bed with HIM!! So it LOOK like JIYeon is MILES!!

He THEN starts to MAKE a new FILM and then HAS to STOP because of a LAZY workman who has DRILLED 2 holes before HAVING a sleep!! The DOCTOR is not happy and WALKS past Daniel!! I was a bIT confused as I thought DANIEL was on the RAFT!! I will use my FORK again to examone this SEEN.

It seems ALSO that someone has BURIED a steering WHEEL in the ROCK!! CRazy STUFF!!

I LIKED some of the ISLAND stuff but IT was a surprise that THE OTHERS have the ABILITY to go invisible and THEN reappear!! It seems a BIT cruel to play these TRICKS on Locke!! It was ALSO not nice of ETHAN to PRETEND not to know LOCKE before he USED his Invisibility CLOAK to disaappear!!

Also THere were a LOT of Continutiy ERRORS!! The biggest one was that it kept TURNing from NIGHT to Day in a matter of minutues!! I think the CONTInuity person needs to BE replaced WITH someone less INsane!!

Also A massive PLOT hole! THey found the SWAN station but we know that HAD been destroyed IN season 1!!

It aslo ANNOYED me that the ABC prop people COULD not be bothred to rebuild the beach CAMP!! I was As annoyed as Bernard (AKA the EVIL Alfred Hanson)!!

Some MEN want KATES blood!! I don't like THIS vampire ANGLE!!

I was CONFUSED about why only YELLOW drug planes crash ont he ISLAND!! What are the CHANCES of that!!

NOT only is SUN sleeping with DR. Marcus CANDLE she is ALSO flirting WITH Charles Wideload!! She IS pure EVIL!!

I like THE scnes with HUGO and Sayid as they KILLED the 2 ROBBERS!! I thought it WAS very CLEVER of SAYID to use the DISHWASHER of Death to KILL him!!

ANOTHER thing that ANNOYED me was that the LIGHTING man seemed very INEXPERIENCED in that several TIMES the Actors had to shield THEIR eyes from the BRI|GHT lights!!THis IS totally UNaccaptable and HE should be FIRED!! It Is not DIFFICULT to turn a light on!!

It was NICE to Kelvin again in his HASMAT suite talking to CRAZY daniel!!

The ENDING really SHOCK me!! I DID not expect to SEE Penny on the Island with crazy Irish DESMOND on the BOAT!!

My review of EPISODe will be POSTED later!!


  1. good REVIEW!11!! SOME pplz ARE talkin BOUT traveling in TIME, BUT this makes A LOT more SEEEEEEEEEEEESNSSS!!!!!!!! THANKSZ

  2. The random capitals are unnecessary but otherwise it's pretty funny.

  3. traveling in time are out of question!
    misfit sure are right

    great lostigating tnx ok bye

  4. this is the best REVIEW i have ever read of THIS show. sun IS pure EVIL!

  5. god, i missed the misfit's episode reviews - dishwasher of death and evil sun - brilliant!

  6. Sun is MORE than pure evil!!!

  7. haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
    only yellow drug planes XD XD XD


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