MY REVIews!! Episode 5x02 - The PIE!!

This EPISODED was a little less confusing FOR me!!

It started WITH the OCeanic 7 having A meeting on FRANK lapdancers BOAT to discuss some STUFF about pies!! The volume ON my TV has hacked BY abc or NASA so I could not HEAR it very well BUT i've NOT idea why they WOULD dicuss pies!! I will PUT some TOmato KETCHUP in my ears later to see if that HELP me hear better!!

We THEN moved onto a flashback of HURLEYS with HIM and SAYID although I Was not AWARE that they knew each other before the CRASH.

I was SUPRISED at the SAYID who seemed to SLEPP thorugh most of this EPISODE!! I thought IT was unfair OF him to MAKE hurley do all the driving!! He iS stopped by THE police and IT is Hannah-LUCIA of ALL people!! SO that Explains how they KNOW each other in the ISLAND!! I was NOT aware that Hannah-lucia knew LIBBY but obviously they did.

It was ODD to see that KATE was following Hurley into the SHOP where he purchased A SHIRT that professed his LOVE of shit!! I thought this WAS very rude and nearly TURNED it off!!

I t WAS fun to SEE hurleys DAD cheech REYES watching NIKKI in Exposure!! It was GOOD to see that SHE made it off the ISLAND after being buried!! I think WE will get a flashback of THAT when the dig them selves out!!

The EVIL Bernard pretends THAT he cant light A fire BUT we all know that HE is Alfie Hanson!!

I LOVEd the SCENE when NEiIL Yoghurt GOT attacked with BURNING Twigs!! I was SuPRISED there were so MANY deaths!!

NOT sure WHY kate when to see SUN I assume this WAS a flashback!!

JACK then TRIES to kill sayid BUT sayid is too QUICK and starts to STRANGLE him!! Jack gives UP!!

HURLEY then throws SOME food at ben and THEN sits in the ROADS for some reasons!! Ben then GOES back into HURLES home and IN the BASEMENTS is MRS Squawkings WHO is playing MIssile COMMAND on Hurleys COMPUTER and only has 70 HRS left to complete the GAME!! Ben MEANWHILE is too busy Blowing out CANDLES for some REASONS!!

all in ALL these were VERY onfusuing EPISODES but I'll shalll watch them AGAIN with my NIGHT Vision Googles AND upside down to find more Eastern EGGS and maybe a few western EGGS as well!!

I AM looking FORWARD to episode 3 called plughead which I am ONLY think is about a PLug and SOMEones head!!


  1. I'm sure it was called The Liars and not The Pie

  2. Misfit, you missed a very important part of the episode. In fact it did not end and went on for hours! Little seen character Jimmy Kimmel showed up in a flash sideways with Hugo in attack of the hot pocket where we found out it was in fact a HAM AND CHEESE hot pocket!

  3. it...ur eal funny

  4. "The volume ON my TV has hacked BY abc or NASA"

    Those damn astronauts!

  5. The missile command part got me. Cut down on the caps and incorrect spelling on purpose and it will make it better. Very funny, good job.

  6. Which one is Jin...and which one is Sayid...I keep getting them miksed up!

  7. "he purchased A SHIRT that professed his LOVE of shit!! I thought this WAS very rude and nearly TURNED it off!!" - LMAO
    I was SAD to see poor neil froghurt die! his deleted scenes on the dvds are great and i was so happy when he made it into an actual episode - i thought they were going to make him into a main character but then he died! It was great when he insulted evil alberto hamsog's fire-making abilities and called sawyer an inbred!

  8. OH.MY.GOD - i just worked out the whole time travel thingy - its time zones, as in time differences in different countres - thats why they keep saying everyones already done it before - cos they were on a plane, travelling between time zones. When ben moved the island, that affected the time zone. in the interview show that was on before the episode, ben was talking about time zones and sayid said theyd all done time travel already - THATS WHAT HE MEANT - it all makes sense!!!! At Last!

  9. it's shih-tzu as in the breed of dog - not shit! Why dont they sell t-shirts like that in England - I NEED one!

  10. To Mr. Anonymous of Jan. 27, 11:59:00AM: Considering that there's a town in England named Crapstone & a street named Butt Hole Road then they very well should sell Shitzoo shirts in England. You should check around if you're really serious about owning one.

    The Pie is another hilarious review from The Great Lostigator! Mr. Misfit, I wish there were shirts with I heart Misfit imprinted. I & the rest of your true blue fans would feel honored to wear them.

  11. "he purchased A SHIRT that professed his LOVE of shit!! I thought this WAS very rude and nearly TURNED it off!!"

    LMAO for real. I just laughed so loud I woke up my neighbors. Whoops! GREAT LOSTIGATING!


    Sayid's grey hair, as Hurley was relieving his wallet of money. Evidence of Mrs. Hawking moving through the same time line?

  13. Sayid's HAIR wasn't grey, IT was WET from Hurley's WATER throwing and SPLASHING on Sayid's HEAD. THE wet hair looked GREY in the LIGHT

  14. Cut down on the caps and incorrect spelling on purpose and it will make it better.
    for the last time, don't talk about the code!


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