My ReVIews!! Episode 5x04 - The brittle Rinse!!

Hello PEOPLe of the Electronic Internet!! I am BACK with MY review after WATCHING it upside down ON 1 LEG to AID my observational SKILLS!!

It WAS good to SEE kate and CLAIRE back on the ISLAND but i could not BELIEVE that claire was HAVING another BABY!!I can ONLY suspect that JACOB is the FATHER of her BABY son. I did NOT like the NAME of the new baby Barthomoluw!!

SAWYER should have OFFERED to help deleivering baby batholomuw!!

I was ALSO disappointed that ROSE and bernard (aka THE evil Alfren Hason) drank ALL the dharma BEER!!

I was AMAZED that Miro Furlam HAD plastic surgury!!She LOOKS so much Yonger!I can not BELIEVE Damin Lindiff AND Cartoon Curse ALLOWED this to happen!!

I don;t YET know who the PEOPLE in the raft speaking Moroccan were!! Maybe something to DO with the the Ajjirrraa Airways PLANE crash!! I will need MY night VISION googles and my Language RECOGNITION software to find out more FACTOIDS!!

JACK was very sweaty FOR some reason!!Even Kate WAS shocked!!

I think JIN must be RELATED to the MAN from Alanta with webbed feat as he SEEMS he can swim ANYhere!!

It was GOOD to see LIBBY looking for Claire but I am NOT sure why JACK went to SEE her!!

There was a MASSIVE continewity Problem as ONE moment Sawyer and JULIET are rowing in the SUN thne it is NIGHT time and RAINING!! Someone NEEDS to hhire me as I would never let THAT happen!!

Why does SAYID constantly attack DOCTORS who are there to help them!!

I tried CALLING jacks phone BUT instead I got SOME woman who BECOME quite rude when I kept ASKING is Jack there!! I suspect SHE is related to DHARMA or someone from Kenya!!

Juliet IS not a good SHOOTER!! She needs to LOOKS where she is FIREINg!! This IS basic SHOOTING informations!! As a RESULT she SHOT saywer in the EAR!!

Was NICE to see CLAIRE off the ISLAND again!!

I think SUN should send the CHOCLOATES back is they seems to BE missing the bottom layer as there WAS a gun in therre!! The COMPANY that mAKES the chocloates should have A better Lever OF quality CONTROL!!

The Ajira WATER bottle has a cap on IT when niles picks it UP!! In the next shot the cap is GONE!! Then in the NEXT shot, while Sawyer IS holding the BOTTLE, the CAP is back again!!


  1. Do you even watch the show? Libby was not in this episode and the gun was meant to be there! jesus. Try watching it again.

    Also your typing and speling is terrible

  2. You are by far the greatest lostigator ever.

  3. Your quality control observations are , quality..They should hire you to be the continuity person

  4. LOL ..the Brittle Rinse.....hahahahaha

    I never trusted that horrid Juliet from the very beginning. Now she shot my Sawyer in his ear?
    His face has a look of great pain! I hate her more than ever now!

  5. Good Lostigating. James, I think you're the ONE who needs to pay more attention to the SHOW if you can't see the Misfit's factoids EXPLODING into the corneas of your EYES.

  6. Great eastern eggs. I think your typing and "spelling" is not as terrible as the person above me.

  7. Great lostigating.

    At least they didnt have a medal of honour scene in this episode.
    The continuity problems sucked big time this week.

  8. What's funnier to read than the "findings" themselves, are the comments of the people who think this is serious.

  9. one question. who is this barthalomwew you speak of?

  10. i want to take you behind middle school and impregnate you. you are the cool.

  11. I can't believe some people STILL don't get the satire of this site. Unbelievable.

    Btw, the "Jack is sweaty, Kate is shocked" picture was friggin hysterical.

  12. Misfit, your skills at deciphering Lost are AMAZING - I NEVER understand the episode until I get your CLEAR and CONCISE step-by-step explanation - it's like an INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

  13. Maybe they do get it but they're pretending to be outraged and not get it to make fun of the people who really dont get it

  14. Great lostigating. I used a personally developed spell check software on this site, and no spelling errors were found. Your spelling is perfect!

  15. Great, great, GREAT, I love it !!!! Thanks Misfit! !!

    People thinking this is serious need some serious help.

  16. I can't believe pepole like this are allowed to host the Internet!
    First of all, it wasn't LIBBY in the hotel room, it was Shannon's Mom.
    Third, in America, we spell things american. In other words, correctly.

  17. @Anonymous

    You douchebag! The Misfit isn't American, so his spelling is without any doubt perfect!

  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    OMG!!!! Man above sed SHANNONS MOM IS LIBBY!!!!


    I am SO glad misfit that your lostigating skills are far much better than Juliet's shooting skills!

  20. the qualitys of your investigations is sensationals.
    u smell out the problems as much as Jacky sweat!
    Brill that some people get pissed off at your well daft commentage!!!

  21. Misfit!!
    What do you make of the fact that Vincent has run off with Bernard and Rose to be on a nude beach?

  22. Haha Claire's mom being Libby just like every other blonde woman made me laugh. Excellent job!

  23. Let ME make things clear for YOU once Misfit, since you are always the one enlightening US... Jack's sudoresis is a side effect of his withdraw from drugs, Kate, alcohol,...

  24. goo-goo-gah-gah
    when am I?


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