Charlie RETURNS and the HUnchback MAN

Hello Humans!!I am BACK with SOME astonding REVALATIONS and reveals OF lost GOodness!!

I decided to REWATCH the episode again to FIND clues THAT other lazy lostigators HAVE failed to find!! For THIS is watched THE episode Upside DOWN through A Fork and BACKWARDS with 1 EYE and 1 ear shut!! I have FOUND that this combination WORKS best for FIND eastern EGGS!

I did this and I found 2 AMAZING finds!! The FIRST is that CHARLIE is alive and BACK on the island! BUT more disturbingly there APPEARS to be a HUNCHBACK on the island!!

WE also SEE Afred Hansom int he PHOTO looking Very menacing!!Although FOr some reason he LOOKS a lot SMALLER!! Maybe It is so He can fit in the SWan station!!

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