I am A Furker!!

I have BEEN getting millions OF emails FROM people ON the interNET and other Eletronic and plastic DEVICES asking ABOUT who I ship FOR!!AT first I thought THEY were Asking me TO go on a CRUISE with them OR maybe a Paddle BOAT to Mongolia!! BUT my Research HAs led me TO understand BETTER by using MY brian THAT they mean RELATIONship!!

THis Is mostly DONE by crazy Giggly SCHOOLGIRLS but I have BEEN know to giggle as I measured MY self on my Giggle-o-METER!!

This IS where YOU combine THE names of the PEOPLE to make A new NAME!! My favoruite is Furke WHICH is Ford and BURKE!! So TO those THAT asked I am A FURKER!!

HERE is a list of the OTHER popular AND well KNOWN lost shippy PEOPLE!!

Kack - JACK and kate!!
Sate - Sawyer and KATE!!
JACK - JUliet and JACK!!
MALT - MICHALE and walt!!
DENNY - Desmond and PENNY
Curley - CHARLIE and Hurley!!
CEN - CHarles AND ben!!
SIN - Sun and JIN!!
CLAIRE - Charlie and CLAIRE!!
JEN - Julient and BEN!!
Guliet - Gooddwin and BEN
Daples - Daniel AND Charlotte Staples Lewis
Sincent - SMOKEY and Vincent!!
Jrin!! Ji YEON and erin!!
Bocke!! - BEN and LOCKE!!
Sideload - Sawyer AND CHARLES wideload
Nablo - Nickky AND pablo
RernARD - ROse and BERNARD (aka THE evil alfred Hanso!!)

IF you KNOW of any MORE please LET me know BUY alerting me IN the Comments OF this POST on the INTERNET or on a SCRAP of paper and POSTING it to ME!!

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  1. "The popular term for Sawyer and Skate is Kate, you need to research better"
    More like Sate.


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