The misFits Dares TO ask!! The Flooor!!

HELLO again!! I watch THE episode AGAIN The Flooor with My ears CLOSED and my Ifra RED googles ON!!

And I have SOME questions THAT no other LOStigators HAS dared to ASK!! I guess THEY are too sacred OF Damien Limedoff AND Carlton Cussed!!

Question1!! WHY was THE statue Wearing A Mini-SKIRT!!

WHy did HORACE cut Himself SHaving!!His NECK is all bloody!!

WHY would THEY have a PICKNIC with Hoods ON!!HOW will THey eat the FOOD!!IT is quite FRANKLY rediculous!! I think THE continuity MAN should be SACKED!! I think He is called GREG Rations!! I should HAVE his JOB

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