My ReVIews!! Episode 5x09 - NAME the Master!!

HELLO !! Here IS my review FROM last NIGHT episode!!

I was VERY disappointed WITH this EPisodes as IT appeared TO have BEEN 1 very LONG flashback of LAST week!! I dont THINK we Needed TO see The PReviously ON Lost Segment in QUITE some detail!!

I thINK it was pretty LAZY writing, ACTING and direction!! I only NOTICED about 5 NEW scenes IN the EPISODE!!

I HOPE next Weeks EPISODE is a LOT better!!

I loved THE new DHARMA station FOR parties!! My SOURCE has told me it is THE disco STATIOn!! Not sure WHY annie was there DANCING though!! Ben will BE displeased!!

Horace HAD a lucky ESCAP from an EXPLODING cigar!! I think JACOB made it SO that he would STOP smking!! It was A shame THEY had to kill an Innocent TREE!!

It seems THAT charlotte HAS recovered And RUN off!!

Not SURE why they put the BAG over cindy's HEAD she was NOT that UGLY!!

This PART of the episode was POOR and annnoyed ME!! Just when IT was getting GOOD everyone decided to take a NAP!! That is LAZY writing if you ASK me!!

It was GReat to see another OF my PREDICATIONS come true in that CINDY was the mother Annie!! Although I dont THINK childbirth IS that painful and warranted THAT amount of screaming!! I will TRY childbirth THIS weekend and measure MY screams on my Screechometer!!

Not SURE why sawyer IS about to WALK into the LArge tyres!!

A doctor WITH massive GLASSES should BE able to READ the eye CHART but he SEEMS to be too close for ANY meaningful TEST

Juliet SHOULD have gone to Specsavers!! They are HORRIBLE contact Lenses!!

The EYEchart is shown again ALTHOGUH i am sure a 2 minute oLD baby Annie would NOT be able to READ the letters yet!!

It WAS fanastic to FIND where charlotte had run off TO but it may HAVE been just me BUT she seemed a little younger AND quite a BIT smaller!!

NOT sure why THEY are keeping the DEAD body maybe they ARE waiting for THE island to heal them!!

Great TO see the SUB back AnD proves MY theory OF 1999 THAT locke did NOT blow the SUB!!

I think THE flower is drugged with something!! maybe Drugs!! and it CAUSES sawyer to fall asleep!!

Who TAUGHT juliet to cook!! Last TIME i saw her she was Setting FIRE to muffins!!

WHY did Jin park so FAR away!! Were THEY testing Sawyers NEW glassses!!

HURLEY looks Hungrary!!

I think JACK overdressed FOR the occasion!! No one ELSE was wearing A SUIT!!

WHY did sayer STEAL their MObile phone!!

CINDY has massive EARwax ISSues!!

Horace AS i said was LUCKY!! But why is HIS cigar SO big!! It is NOT good for you!!

The THINg that confused me THE most was WHY saywer has been holding the ROPE for 2 weeks!!

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