My ReVIews!! Episode 5x09 - NAME the Master!!

Hello FANS!! It Semms I was Confuddled LAST week and THIS is a NEW episode!! Here is MY reviews!!

I felt SORRY for SAyeed AS he APPEAR to have been LOCKED up for Wearing A BAD shirt!! I dont KNOW why SAWYER would NOT recognise Sayeed!!

SOMETHING odd is HAPPENING in this PHOTO there IS a MISSING man from THE right HAND end of the PHOTO!!MAybe he FLASHed when the CAMERA flashed OR he is INVISIBLE

IT was also NICE to see ANDO from Heroes APPEAR int he PHOTOS!! The Woman in THE white SHIRT should be fired for not wearing HER unifrom!!

YOU can see HIM in this PHOTO below!!

I felt SAD for Christin AS he APPEARS very LONELY living in OTHERSville ALL on his OWN!! Hs BOOK club meetings MUST be quite SHORT!!

It was NICE to see the SWAN hatch again BUT I seem to RECALL it being a BIT bigger than THAT!! MayBee ALL the Losties WERE shrunk IN the future to fit IN it!!

WHY did Juliet NOT recognose KATE!!

It was NICE to SEE Marvlin CANDLES again!!WHY did JACK not ask him ABOUT his ARM!!

YET again Disappointed WITH the writing!!Just as IT was getting GOOD they let BEN fall ASLEEP!! VERY lazy again BY Carlos CUSE!!

WHY did JIN not REcognise Sayeed!!It was NOT nice to PUT a gun to his HEAD!!

USING my detector RECognition SOFTWARE I found that they ARE using a EARLY ersion of Linux FOR there COMPUTERS!!

I giggled LIKE a giggly Schoolgirl WHEN i saw BABY ethon!! Juliet SHOULD have told HIM about HIS death!!

BEN still has a SERIOUS skin complaint!!He really NEEDS to see a DOCTOR!!

It APPEARS to be CONTAGIOUS!! Now FRANK lapdancer has it!!

NOT sure WHY juliet has 12 TV screens in her HOUSE!!Maybe SHE has become A COUCH cabbagge!!

WHY did they HAVE to tickle Illiyana TO wake HER!!

How CAN you fall aslepp DURING a PLANE crash!! I suspect SHE was DRUGGED or sleepy!!

WHO threw the SPEAR that killed THE PILOT!!

Why WAS the PLANE made of PLASTIC!! That CANNOT be the optimal Material FOR a plane!! THE FCC should be ALERTED!! I would HAVE thought Brass or Gold WOULD have been better!!

I dont LIKE where this is GOING in that Harold Potty SEEMS have have APPEARED on the ISLAND!! I don't LIKE these crossdressing EPISODES.

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