My REVIEWS!! Episode 5x10 - He's OUR poo!!

HELLO fans!! He is MY reviews and SOME questions!! I did nOT think THE title was VERY appropiate!!

This Person Bill has VERY distrubing Eyebrows!! I think THEY may be part of the SICKNESS

This SCENE was horriffic and MORE like A horror FILM!!It appears THAT there is an ARM coming out of the Cupboard!!Sayeed WAS right to Start SHOOTING at it before iT turned into a FULL person!!I suspect IT was Bernhard AKA the EVIl Alfred Hasin!!

I found IT odd that THE Dentists (PROBABLY a relation To BERNARD (aka THE evil Alvin Hansom)) was Playing A record BEFORE treating Sayeed!!

SAYeed looks IN a lot of PAIN and Sayer WAS right to TAKE him to see the Dentist PRONTO!!

Ronald LINUS does NOT like sandwiches!!

SAYEED as a trained Assissin REALLY should know better THAN to fire a gun with HIS eyes CLOSED!!

AS a result THE harry POTTER crossever EPisode has ended EARLY as sayeed HAS shot HARRY POTTER!!

This WAS not the TIME for jack to GET his lightsaber OUT!! I really DONT know what HE was doing!!

I tlooks LIKE the smokey MONSTER has changed COLOUR and is LEARNING to drive!!I think HE needed more lessons as HE crashes RIGHT into Hurleys HOUSE!!Or MAYBE the brakes have been Tampered WITH!!

It was NICE of SAyeed TO help Cindy with HER stuck BOOTS!!

I loved THE book CLub scene!! It lOOKS like they have agreed TO the next Book!!

About TIME Kate and juliet started TO earn there KEEP!! As I suspected JULIET and KAte are rubbish at CAR fixing!!You can SEE the results WHEN the smoke MONSTER took it for a DRIVE and the steering AND or AND breaks FAILED!!

FOR the 3rd EPISODE runnign when it was GETTING good a key CHARACTER falls asleep!!

SAayeed TOOTH ache appears TO be getting WORSE!!

Not SURE why THE densist was WRITING on the Sugar CUBE!! AND Im NOT sure SUGAR is the best treatment FOR someone with TOOTH decay!!

NOT sure why sayeed was pretending to BE asleep!! His EYES are still OPEN!! poor ACTING!!

It was NICE to see SAYEED is still busy Dismantling BENS house!!

The person WHO put HURLEY as a chef did NOT do a GOOD job as I suspect HE is eating MOST of the food!! HE did NOT even BRING kate or JACK any food!!

It LOOKS like the Island IS causing Horace Goosespeed HAIR to grow at a crazy RATE!!

Not SURE why harry Potter is Continuily BRING sayeed FOOD!! Maybe he IS the cause of THE tooth ache BY bringing HIM lots of SUGARY treats!!

NOT sure what THIS man was DOING at the beginning of the SHOW!! He seemed to WANT to kill chickens for some REASON!! I suspect THIS was an ADVERT for KFC that overran INTO lost!!

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  1. "NOT sure why sayeed was pretending to BE asleep!! His EYES are still OPEN!! poor ACTING!!"
    I swear I'd never laughed so hard in my entire life!


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