MY Reviews!! Dennis IS dead!!

Hello INTERNAT fans!! HERE is my REVIEW of Dennis IS DEAD!!

I have TO admit THAT i dont know WHO dennis IS but I will REwatch my eyes CLOSED to find OUT!!

It was NICE to SEE Annie again althought I was sure there WAS not such an AGE difference BETWEEN benny and ANNIE!!

It LOOKS like BEN as AN alergic REACTION to water as WE finally FIND out the SOURCE of his skin COMPlaint!!

AS I have MENTIONED before IT is not GOOD traing to NOT look where you are SHOOTing!!

LOOK what HAPPENS he SHOOTS poor Irish DESMONDS shopping and HIS milk explodes Violently!! I think THIS is what BEN meant WHEN he said "GOT milk!!"

CHARLES wideload seems much much OLDER here!! IT was NICE to see A flashforward to 2025!!

MORE fun with ANNIE!! ALTOUGH the smoke monster APPEARS to have attached itSELF on bens HEAD!!

FRANK lapdancer seemed a LOT shorter in this EPISODE than WHAT i remembered!!

BEN is not good with GUNS now he has KILLED ceesar!! VERY careless!!

IT was NICE to see BEN showing us SOME holiday SNAPS!! I ran this THROUGH my newly developed Holiday RECOGNITION software and I have deteremine dthat THIS is IN Madagascar where THose carton animals LIVE!!

I did NOT enjoy seeing A CLEARLY fake Balerina perform!! THERE are more important THINGS to show us!!

HURLEY lost a lot OF weight this EPISODE!!


This WOMAN is HUGE almost as TALL as the HORSE!!

ALEX face Seemed A LOT larger in THIS episode!!

I was NOT at all INTERSTED in seeing BENS plumbing PRoblems!! This WAS valuable TIME wasted AGAIN!!

NICE to see Karl again HELPing BEN to capture HIS future GIRLfriend ALEX!!

LOOKS like they are TRYING to get into THE planes MINI bar so they CAN have a beach PARTY!!

I gigled LIKE a 28.4 YEAR old gymnast AT the DHARMA person who obviously SAT down on a BENCH with wet YELLOW paint!!He he hA!!


  1. He's probably lied about being Canadian. He DID spend a lot of time with Ben.

  2. This is freakin' hilarious.  Thanks for the laughs--I will be coming back to this site again when I need a chuckle.  Nicely done.


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