My REVIEWS!! Episode 5.14 THE vegtable!!

HELLO fans!!

I am VERy sad to SAY that my REVIEW is very short BECUASE quite frankly I was DISGUSTED with the new EPISODE!!

They WASTED so much time with FLASHBACKS which to BE honest I have ALREADY seen!! It SEEMED pointless to SHOW quite so many of them!! It SEEMed like the PERSON in charge of creating the PREVIOUSLY on LOST segment Had suffered A mental BreakDOWN and seemed TO have IT run FOR an hour!!

I was ALSO consfused AS to why RICHARD alpin was talking SO much!!How did HE know all THIS stuff!!

THIS new episodes CHANGE of direction IS very WORRYING and I hope JACK bendy DOES a better JOB next week!!

I hope Next weeks EPISODE "FELL on a Healer" Will BE much BETTER!!


  1. I Hope you are not being serious? Last nights was a clip show I think?

  2. What? I thought it was a repeat???? Please tell me I didn't miss an episode?

  3. I see what you did here misfit... ;)

  4. are you jokin misfit? I know this is a serious LOST fan page, but why would you lie and say that the episode was bad? It was very good! I think the problem is that you looked itafter the previous 13 episodes, while you actually should watch it BEFORE season 5, (and 4,3,2 and 1). this way it will be a flashforward and will intrigue you pretty much goodly. I hope I settled the confusion. Also, it is preferable to watch every 5th minute of every 7th episode of ach season, this way you will solve the true identity of the Alvin Hansor!

  5. Misfit! You didn't like the new episode? I normally agree with you, but last night answered so many questions!



  7. "this way you will solve the true identity of the Alvin Hansor!" 
    The Lostigator has already solved Hansor's true identity -
    it's Bernard, the evil dentist.

  8. :)   Appreciate your wisdom but there is NO NEED to advise Mr. Misfit on ways to watch LOST!  He has his own techniques & coping skills.  He has NEVER HAD to bang his head against the wall to figure things out, ONLY us pretenders to the throne do VIOLENT things like that to ourselves.   Get with the program...just BASK in THE Lostigator's awesomeness & allow the golden light of TRUE enlightenment shine through every orifice of your body.  Just ENJOY his reviews....  even if TPTB of Lost screwed us royally last week!


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