MY Reviews!! Someone LOST a Sloth!!

HELlo1 AGAIn it is I the great Lostigatior!! I was THRILLED and sad YET somewhat Giddy With love for this EPISode!! I HAVE some questions THOGGHT!!

REMEMBER to click THE photos to ZOOM in MAMMOUTHLY to see the pixel Goodness!!

I found THE title a little ODD and I do NOT recall someone LOSING a sloth!!

It was NICE to see KAte working with Marlin CANdles on the SITE!! I was A bit CONFUSED as to WHY you would need a DEAD body to build A building!!

I jumped UP with joyful GLEE when I saw my FAVorite ship on screen AGAIN!! KOGER is the only SHIP worth following!! 

ALthough IF kate wants to LAND this handsome HUNK she is going to HAVE to stop Dribbling!!

They HAVE been showing the SWINGS a lot in LOST and i suspect that THE season 5 finale WILL be Swing Centric!! I think THE final will be called THE Swing!!

It LOOKS like the ISLAND sickness of CRAZY hair has also affected nOT only HORACE but NOW naomi!! It was ALSO nice to see her BETTER from her vicious KNIFE attack!!

It LOOKS like Miles MUM could use some OF Namois OR horaces HAIR as this IS not a good LOOK!! In fact MAYBE horace stole her HAIR!!

I coulD not believe THEY killed HURLEY!! I wept uncontrollably like a hedgehog!!

I found IT strange that WIDMORE was on the COVER of sports illustrated!! I dont WANT to see him in a Bikini!!

I shouted quietly WHEN the numbers came on the screen again!! At first I did not KNOW what food took 3.16 MINutes to COOK so I wrote an Microwave TIMING recognition system With my brain!! it took 49 MINUTES to process but at the END it told me with AN 99.019331% accuracy THAT the food was a Microwave MEAL!! 

WHY did no ONE suspect this Crazy child of Murdering THIS poor fellow!!

FINALLY someone has had ENOUGH of crazy Phils Eyebrows. HE needed to be KNOCKED unconscious before they MET in the in the middle and Joined to make one LARGE evil eyebrow!!

I thinK THIS is the scene where Pierre Earwax WAS looking for his LOST sloth!!

This MAN needs SAFETY googles on!! His clipbaord is starting to SPARK!!

LOOKS like my predictions from 2005 ARE coming TRUE and that MILES in facts loves men!! I thought IT was a very touching moment that they shared together ALthough it lost some of ITS romance with all the DIRTY laundry in the background!! I would have preferred ROSES and Petals with maybe a duck or giraffe as well. Also WAS it just me or DID Widmore here SEEM fatter!!

I think IT's always  SAD to see a Pro Footballer lose a LEG!!

I think JACK must be a rubbish TEACHER of Egyption AS the only person in HIS class was Deranged DRUNK roger!!

I found IT odd THAT hurley WAS writing The RETURN of the JEDI!! I think A better one WOULD have been SPICE World or Some LIKE it Hot!! DID you notice the APPLE mac logo ON the notebook!! Good product PLACEMENT by APPLE their!!

Juliet REALLy should have BETTER things to do with her TIME rather than MAKE cakes and MODELS!!

Great TO see DANIEL back!! BUT sawyer needs to STOP putting so MUCH stuff in HIS mouth!!


  1. It was Empire Strikes Back actually. Do your research

  2. Nice photoshoping on the clipboard!

  3. Do you even watch this show? That was Miles as a kid!!11!!

  4. you have a real problem with distance, don't you? And can hedgehogs weep - great review as always

  5. I rEallY enjoyed THE homo SCENE with mILES and CHARLES wideload because i am a GAY BO too!!

  6. I think I can safely say this is the worst review of Lost I have ever read?
    Did you even watch the episode? Did you fall asleep during it?
    You have so many factual errors that I don't know where to beging and your typing is terrible. Get a new keyboard and learn to spell check.

  7. What is that photo with Juliet? I first thought it was the 100th episode celebration, but the last one was 99th

  8. I always suspected Horace was a hair theif, but you have just proven it! I think you have finally solved lost.

  9. OMG I want to live on Juliet's breasts.  Thank you so much for taking these photos and for posting them.

  10. u r a moron! it's a parody blog, u dense fuck.

  11. I love you mIsFiT :)   ... a great lostigation once again
    koger ftw!! but my new favourite ship is murley <3

  12. You are a moron! It's an anti-parody reply, you dense fuck.

  13. Gr8 recap as usual mIsFiT.    lol at kate dribbling beer all over herself, not gonna get a hunk that way!

  14. I was hoping for a comment about the big reveal that Sun was Miles' mom, but you didn't even mention it. I was very sad and ungiggly. :(

  15. mIsFiT:  I am shocked that you did not include a screencap of Miles wearing all those pieces of metal in his head.  Why would Jack do such a thing to poor Miles? Was he setting Miles up to be the next Alvarez, who proves that it is bad to go to the dentist.
    Hasn't the kid been through enough? 

  16. You are a moron! It was an anti-anti-parody reply, you dense fuck.

  17. WHY did no ONE suspect this Crazy child of Murdering THIS poor fellow!! - i ALWAYS knew that MILES was SHEER evil

  18. there aren't any CHARACTERS on lost CALLED miles and widmore. THEIR real NAMES are niles and WIDELOAD. AND that wasn't naomi - IT WAS kate's EVIL kidnapping TWIN, FATE!!!

  19. She was thinking about Sawyer.

  20. "I was A bit CONFUSED as to WHY you would need a DEAD body to build A building!!"
    Clearly they needed his soul to guard the building against evil spirits. Like Bernard. And Clementine.

  21. Widmore on SI....CLASSIC misfit!
    CHEAT!!  those last two were promo shots.

  22. Long Live Koger!!!!!!!!! Best ship EVER.


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