MY Reviews!! The VERY able!!

HELLO fans!! I was Excited WITH last nights EPISDODE The Very Able!! as IT had lots OF stuff IN it!!


Kate REALLY need s to LEARN to drive BETTER!! HAVing your EYES closed is NOT good advice and it WOULD cause YOU to fail your DRIVING test in moist Countries EXPECT maybe Tunisa OR Mozambeek!!

I DONT think THREATING to shoot the GRASS was Daniel BEst Tactic WHEN dealing With CRAZED radzinsky!!

It was VERY commendable THAT jack was RISKING his life in Protecting the Dharma OIL bottles!!

I got FRUSTRATED that Jack took TIME out from THE rescue of the OIL bottles TO pull some SILLY faces!! It was NOT the time FOR this silly HUMOUR!!

Nice TO see FRANK lapdancer fitting INTO dharma!!

It was VERY sweet WHEN jack Placed HIS hugley LONG arm around KATE!!He must HAVE arms as LONG as MR tickles!!

It LOOKS like Faradaze IS also SUFFERING from the HAIR sickness That has infected OTHERS like Horace Godspace!!

His HAIR has NOW zoomed TO crazy Proportions!!

AS we SAW in previous EPISODES where BEN had a BAD skin Disease IT now LOOKS like IT spread TO Daniel Faradaze NECK!! Maybe THIS is part of the RECENT Pandemic OF Wine FLU!!

THIS man seems to BE defeying GRAVITY by standling AT a diagonal Angle!!

NICE to see Sawyer have TIME to cook a LARGE meal FOR him and Juliet!!

I was A bit confused AS to why Miles seemed smaller IN this episode!!

It was UPSETTING to see Penny AND desmond SuperGLUED together LIKE this!! Hopefully THE doctors can sepearate THEM!! It ALSO shows THAT penny got shot as well AS I predicted lAST janUARY!!

SO finnally WE see the ORIGIS of MRS Cluedo!!

I am GETTING so ANGRY recently with all THESE continuity ERRORS!! Charlotte was A lot bigger THAN this!! MAYE Recbecca Mad WAS not AVAILABLE for the FILMING but they SHOULD have got SOMEone TALLER!!

NOT sure WHY they showed A CLOSE up of A Ribena Spill ON Daniels COAT!!

YET again AT key SCENES in the EPISODE the main Characters DECIDE to fall ASLEPP!! THis is JUST not ACCPETABLE anymore!! ABC need to HIRE a FItness IN STRUCTORS!!


  1. This episdode the furry bull was great!!!! though I did not see any bulls in the episode maybe this was a spoiler for next weeks finale.

  2. Do you think there is a wine flu epidemic on the island?

  3. hA, I caNS eatt choklitt before MY BEDtime!

  4. This is the best review ever. And you have done a lot of good reviews.

  5. Stupendous review Mr. Misfit!    ;) :-D    But your title - "THE VERY ABLE"  certainly doesn't represent Daniel.  Holy crapola he really does have a memory problem. He forgot that grass is not his enemy!  Why, just look at the look on his face... Its as if he is snarling (ala Dirty Harry) "go ahead you little punk grass blade, Make. My. Day.  bammmm!   

  6. Actually, judging from Daniel's consistent memory problems, I reckon that grass is very much Daniel's friend!

  7. LOL Lackey... prolly very true!  :-D

  8. I was surprised to learn a fact from this episode - Daniel Faraday invented the DVD! Lost can be as educational as Wikipedia!

  9. I was A bit confused AS to why Miles seemed smaller IN this episode!! - It is very disconcerting to see so many characters shrink (niles, bernAAArd, Charlotte). I hope it doesnt happen to smokey - he wont be very scary

  10. "eim nuuut alloued tuuu ewaatt chaklet befawu dinnah" is the best lost quote since "Wahlt! Mah Boy!"

  11. I watched the most wierd episode of lost of all times today!!! it was playing in a movie teaTHER and it was titled THE Wolverine.
    It was very nice to see CHARLIE and KEAMY again!! but i think keamy is lying about the island! Wolverine was very upset to find out it was just an empty island!
    I think you should review this wierd episode!
    keep the lostigating!

  12. Mr. MiSfIt:  Please tell us why doeS Jack want to be the BoMB?  If Jack Is the BoMB, thEn he will SURELY creATE thE HaTCH.  If You wANT someTHING sCREWed uP, juST tell Jack to DO IT!

  13. I think i've seen a weirder lost episode called "ready OK." it was all flashforwards to when ben turns gay, moves next door to his mother and teaches young charlie how to do cheerleading! Very strange!

  14. I also noticed Beth Cluedo. The Others seem to be trying to hire a lot of doctors. Could this explain why Richard and Ben stay in such good healths despite age and a chest wound? How many doctors do they have in that brickhouse?

    Definitely the best review to date!

  16. Very good Review but I am very dissapointed by your lostigator skills, as you didn`t see that faraday took a dump in his own overall as they pass the sonic barriere, i think thats an side effekt of the sonic fence!Please add this!

  17. There was another one where Sawyer was eaten by a sabertooth tiger. And one where Juliet was screwing Dr. Weaver on ER. Oh, and let's not forget the episode where Richard was Mayor of Gotham City.

  18. Lol ur comments are well funny-and i see you've finally stopped getting abuse from people who actually believe that ur comments are genuine lol-fun times misfit, keep up the good work :)


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