My REVIEWS!! What is HAPPening DID not HAPPEN!!

HELLO fiends!! I have JUST watch the episode AGAIN with my Binoculars SO I could find MORE clues FOR you all!!

HERE is my review!!

It WAS nice to SEE bens Skin complaint clearing UP and it was nice that Locke WAS reading bed time STORIES to him!!

Claires sister DOES not LOOK or sound liike HER!!She had A funny accent that WAS either Cockney OR iranian!!

It was NICE to meet a young pickett AGAIN before juliet Blew him away a FEW years later on the BEACH over a disagreement about Boats or something!!

YET again AT a key moment THE actor falls asleep!! THis is VITAL time we are wasting LET alone Dangerous to fall asleep AFTER taking a SHOWER and slipping!!

Some ONE has attached a Beer KEG tube TO Ben!! I think HE is too young TO drink beer as YOU can see from the RESULT of him looking sleepy and Drunk!!

YEt AGAIN i tried to call JACK from some answers but I kept GETTING an irate woman who Kept on yelling AT me!!

Claire HAS not Aged well SINCE her time in the CABIN!! But it was STILL nice to see her again!!

Erin seems TO have shrunk since The LAST time we saw him!!

BUT he WAS soon inflated back to full size!!
I dont THINK taht is going to FIT kate!!
Kate NEEDS to find a BETTER place to HIDE as I am sure her ARMS and legs are sticking OUT!! ALthough JULIET seems to be HAVING trouble walking AND is having to concentrate VERY hard on each STEP!!
It LOOKS like we finally found OUT why BEN is EVIL!! Kate is Giving him HER evil BLOOD!! It is ALL coming TOGETHER nicely AS i Predicted in 2010!!
I was CONFUSED why Hugo WAS counting his FINGERS!!

It was FUNNY to see Juliet FART whilst performing on BEN!! I went all GIGGLY then very serious WHEN that happened!! It looks LIKE sawyer COULD not take the smell!!

Iwas SURE ben was SHOT on the other SIDE of his BODY!! Maybe THE magent IN the swan HAS pulled it across him!!

Phills EYEbrows are getting DARKER and more worringly THEY are getting closer together!!

I think THIS now Proves beyond a DOUBT that horaces hair is NOw an incarnation of the SMOKE monster!!It is GRowing out of Control Each Episode!!

At LAST i have A ship I can BE proud TO follow!!Eahnough SKATING and jatering!! This NEW man in Kates LIFE is a breath OF fresh AIR!!  Kate AND roger MAKE the perfect COUPLE!!

I call THIS ship Koger!!

It does APPEAR that hurleyis taking advantage of the JOB of Chef!!

I hope Richard DOES not kiss BEN!! I am NOT sure I like where THIS story Is GOING!! It could BE illegal in some PARTS of the USA and belgium!!

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