MY Reviews!! I See Dents!!

MY Reviews!! I See Dents!!

I have TO first SAY sorry as I report that the THe title was "I am SID Dent" but I decided TO watch the EPISODE again with MY head in a Orange Ballon and I was able to MAKE out THE title better as "I See Dents" and ALTHOUGH breathing was somewhat DIFFICULT it was worth IT as I saw PLENTY of dents as the metal Was SUCKED into the WHOLE!!

THis was THE best epiosode EVER and it seemed TO run a few MINUTES longer than Other episodes!! I ran the EPISODE through MY AWESOME recognition software and it CAM out at 99.4493% which IS pretty AWESOME!!

Ireally CANNOT wait for next weeks EPisode!!

HERE is my REviews!!

I did NOT understand WHY ben when he should OF been killing JACOB took TIME to do some Rug Shopping!! It seemed OUT of Character!!

It LOOKS like the super GLUE that stuck PENNY and desmond TOgether is NOW sticking RIchard Alpen TO the WALL!!

Ben and LOCKe really SHOULD have tried to LOOK for a FIRE distinguisher!!

JUliets SHOOTIng techinque IS still LACKING now she is FIreing on ONE leg

As I have SUSPECT since 2002 THAt juliet is in FACT a robot AND her metal PARTS is causing her to be SUCKED down into the MAGNET!!

Now JULIET really is taking the PISS with THIS shoot Technique!!

It appears THAT Kate was Slightly Constipated IN this EPisode!!

Sayeed STILL has not recovered FROM his sleepiness AND has to SIT down at a vital TIME!!

EVEN jack IS getting Frustrated at Sayeed LAzyiness!!

This PART really DISAppointed mE!! Sun and JIN really SHOULD have found a better time to GET married!! |The was TOO much going on and TO be QUITE frank I am surprised THEY managed to FIND a priest ON the Island!!

I could NOT believe that LOCKE fell out of ANOTHER window!! It was NICE that Jacob was there TO try to HELP!!

Finally WE see THE Evil Alvin Hason AKA Bernard THE crazed Dentist!! I found it FUNNY that he got his HAND stuck in the CUP!!

As I said 7 years AGO that ROSE is in fact JACOB and they are LIVING in Jacobs Cabin!!

I used MY hand CRUSHING recognition software AND calculated that this WAS 87.44785% PAinfull!!

Nice TO see Charlies Dribble SHAFT ring that HE left FOR baby Erin!!

Nice TO see JAcob Bandaged UP after HIS 4th Degree BURNS!!

Naida IS not very GOOD a crossing ROADS!!

SHe WAS smashed UP!! I used my CAR recognition SOFTWARE to find out that THIS car was Driven by BEN!!

I was SO happy to SEE the foot AGAIN but I was an ODD place for JACOB to LIVE but I guess EVIL Bernard (AKA the EVIL Alfred Hansom) is NOW squatting in HIS cabin!!

GREAT to see FRANK lapdancer again!!

ONCE again the peices ARE coming together as I predicated IN 1991 THAT locke actually HAS a twin!! This one APPEARS a lot sleepier than THE other LOCKE!!

I examined the STATUE and if you LOOK at the LARGE version you WILL see LOTS of Flies around HIS head!!


  1. FInAlLy!  THe EvIl DeNTiSt cOmEs BaCk WiTh AnOtHeR fAcIaL ExPreSSiOn!   I ThiNk tHis onE shOuLd be caLLed "ELATION" as YoU cAn sEE hOw ExCiteD He iS to sEE His HaND StucK in HIS cuP.  

  2. "Ireally CANNOT wait for next weeks EPisode!!"
    From what I can tell it will be really short. All they showed in the promo was someone's eye opening.

  3. Thank you, for the recap, Mr. Misfit.  Now that Jack has detonated the island, is he figuring out how to screw up Season 6?  He has already painted the black "Lost" panel white.

  4. um, Jack tried extra hard but, really, it was Juliet who blew it all up  & got that disconcerting white TV screen.  Go figure...she couldn't do anything correctly during her whole stint on the island... from burnt muffins to total obliteration...what a loser

  5. "Finally WE see THE Evil Alvin Hason AKA Bernard THE crazed Dentist!! I found it FUNNY that he got his HAND stuck in the CUP!!" 
    :'(   I felt pity for Bernard when I saw your photo.  Its obvious that being evil has taken its toll on him.  Look at the bags under his eyes & the totally wrinkled brow from the stress of his flagitious ways.  Rather sad that, for the mighty Alvin Hanso, its all come down to getting his hand stuck in a silly cup & looking so woefully unglued.

  6. as i predicted back in 1987 the older brother of charlie's give hugo the guitar to get back to the island!!

  7. I havE MADE an IMPORTANT discCOVERY whIle watcHing the season THREE episOde "A Pail of Poodle-Shitties"!
    It would SEEM that the SONG that JuLiet was LIstenIng to had the wOrd "Down" IN it SEVEral TIMES, and as we SAW in "I See DEntS", Juliet FEll DOWN a TUNnel!  So it WOULD seam that PEtulant CLERK preMOnittioned JulieT's DEATH!

  8. I loved Jules but this post still made me laugh...

  9. in the "Now JULIET really is taking the PISS with THIS shoot Technique!!" picture
    you can clearly see smokey in the background pulling the chain.
    maybe the smoke from the burnt muffins made smokey jealous!

  10. i havent seen the episode yet but this is the one review i can always count on to read before i see it because you never give away too much!

  11. "It appears THAT Kate was Slightly Constipated IN this EPisode!!"
    Which is no surprise considering she has two guys with their heads up her ass...

  12. Lol, Misfit always there!
    he still give us his stranges theories.........i think you are not who you wanna appear to us........maybe at the end of our favourite series we could discover that you've been the Real Lost Experience for all the time..............maybe you're an employee of Lost.......are you JJ Abrahms??? LOL

  13. Nadia was very stupid to demand sayid to take her on holiday to iraq for their anniversary. She should have asked to go to hawaii


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