MY Reviews!!Swallow THe Ladder

HEllo FANS!! I loved Last NIGHTs episode "Swallow THE leader!!" IT was THE bestest EVER and I jumped up and DOWN in my pyjamas WITH joyfull GLee!! HOWEVER i only noticed 3 Ladders in the EPISODE and not once did SOMEone try to Swallow it!! I shall use my Ladder SWALLOWING detecting SOftware to TRY and find it LATER!!

I was VERY concerned WITH BEN as HE appears to HAVE a large STICK sticking out of HIS head!!

LOCKS legs SEEMED a little short in THIS episode and IT was nice to SEE a younge Bob MARLEY make a GUEST appearance!!

I felt SORRY for Locke when EVERYONE surrounded HIM and started STARing!!

LIKE me with MY twitter ACCOUNT Locke as A lot of people FOLLOWING him!! I am SURPRISED he did not notice them!!

HURLEY looks like his STILL has not got over his eating DISORDER

I FELT really Sorry FOR RICHARD alpen WHEN someone put his NICE boat IN a bottle!!He is using SOME tweeeeezers TO try and remove iT!!

It was VEERy odd that SOMEone was putting FISH and ALIENS on the washing LINE!!

It was NICE of LOCKE to return Richard Albans PET cat to him although LIKE in recent weeks his CAT seems very SLeepy and has to be CARRIED!!

It LOOKS like the SKin sickness THAT affected BEN is now SPREADING like the WIne FLU that is GRIPPING mexico and Sacremento is now affecting POOR jack!!

I really DID not enjoy LOOKING up Daniels Faraways NOSTRILS!!

DO the PEOPLE on the Submarine have EYEsight PROBLEMS as the DIALS and clocks SEEM mammouthly HUMUNGous!!

AGAIN this was POOR as just when he WAS about to speak HE fell ASLEEP!!

SOmeone SHOULD tell LOCKE that his walking STICK is on FIRE!! It was good to SEE libby AGAIN!!

THe LAMPOSTS on the island appear to be getting SHORTER!!

I still CANT believe they cannot get a OLDER charlotte!!

AND now Sawyer HAS the skin disease!! AND yet again I am dismayed LIKE a dismayed badger THAT he choose THIS moment to fall ASLEEP!! He should BE looking FOR dharma SKIN cream!!

WHY did RADskinski NEED to ask SAWYER where Kate WAS when HE could CLEARLY see her on the TV!!

SAWYER needs to take to VITIMINS as he was CONSTNATLY falling asleep!!

FINALLY they have found a CURE for Harold Goodpace's CRAZY hair GROwTH!!

NOT sure WHY Eloise WAS trying TO suffocate Daniel!!Had she NOT already DONE enough DAMage by Shooting HIM!!

It LOOKs like JUliet has the EARLY stages of the SKIN disease!!I also THOUGHT it very callous of HER to FIND it amusing that SAWYER was getting beaten UP!!


  1. Yay, Juliet has the skin disease! Maybe she'll die now!

  2. WAHT!
    great, as usual, misfit.

  3. Good stuff mIsFIT> :)

  4. hahaha thx for the laugh!

  5. I bet the smock munster could swallow a ladder. I know I can.

  6. Mr. mIsFiT,  I am surprised you missed the photo of Jack stopping to take a bath during an important scene!  Perhaps, since Jack is a doctor, he knows that is how to cure the skin sickness. And poor Kate is tired of waiting for Jack to kill everyone, so she leaves him.
    Thank you for your wonderful recap, mr. mIsFiT!

  7. best review ever and I haven't even seen the episode yet!

  8. 8-) And yet another fabuloso review by our leader of all things LOST.
    Mr. Misfit you are THE GREATEST and I AM your GREATEST fan.  :*


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