Season 6 OPENING scene LEAKED!!

Hello PEOPLE my Moleman AT CBS has sent me A leaking COPYING of the first SCENE from SEASON 6


  1. Is that really from lost? Good find!

  2. Of course is not from Lost l-o-l
    but will fool some people

  3. what is it from then? - i haven't seen jack in that many things

  4. Holy Dharma Canned Beans! This is a top drawer doozie of a leak.  I knew all along the whole premise of LOST was just one big bloody dream!

  5. Well, He acted on these shows:
    "Party Of Five"
    "Freshman Dorm"
    And these movies:
    "My Boyfriend's Back"
    "Speed Racer"
    "Vantage Point"
    "We are Marshall"
    It can be from any of them, don't you think?(except Speed don seem to be from Speed Racer anyway... *DONT_KNOW* )
    The info is from About the "Lost" on the end of the videos, it can be pasted with any video editor.
    Hope this help someone :)

  6. That scene is from "Haunted", he plays a detective with the ability to see dead people

  7. Oh, so CBS owns Lost now, hmm? Is ABC aware of this? ;)

  8. graet fNId!! as i predicted 234 years ago jack killed his mother while he was ASLEEP on the island!!

  9. Good find as always Misfit. I knew Jack would wind up killing some lady in a motel room.


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