Locke WAS just Faking his DEATH!!

Yes I am back and HAVE some mammoth NEWS!! I was SENT this secrety PHOTO and told NOT to publish it BUT i DID as I am too Impotent NOT to post IT!!

Here is THE first poof THAT locke was NOT actually DEAD and was faking it so HE could get a FREE trip of Ajira 317 BACK to the island as a Stowaway!!

I will HAVE more gigantic SPOILERS and will solve LOst before anyone else JUST like Agatha Crystal DOES in her books!!


  1. I got an email from Penny...REALLY I did. I had sent an email to a web administrator for www.thehansogroup.com when it was offered for salem because hanso was MIA, and I asked how much, that was in May 2008, then in November 2009 - boom! out of the blue I get the response below!!! There were some tasty clues hidden within it. Does that make me REALLY special? (took out my name and our emails to keep Ben from finding me).

    Here it is:

    From: Penelope Widmore
    Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 10:20 PM
    To: LB
    Subject: Re: How much to buy

    Dear LB,

    I apologize for the delay in responding to you. My recent travels have taken me away from my normal routines of communication.

    Multiple domain names in the Widmore Group (www.thewidmoregroup.com) of companies are available for purchase at very reasonable rates. While hansogroup.com is not under my administration, thehansogroup.com is, and, I must say, is one of our most frequented sites. I would be curious to hear any offer you would make for a given domain.


  2. Where the hell did you get this from?

  3. Wow, Misfit, you have once again proven that YOUR OCK !!!!

  4. this discovery is AMAZING.
    GOOD job, misfit.

  5. Bad photo shop.

    That is not even Locke

  6. Locke might as well be Ben, can't trust that mother.

  7. I love how you call yourself impotent. You should really look that word up ;)

  8. My guess would be from the season's bloopers or DVD extras. Are you really that naive?

  9. WOWZERS!!
    But how come i cant comment using my google account?


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