Massive SPOILERLY info FOR season 6!!!!!

Hello FANS! I have COME back after being kidnapped BY some guys FROM CBS or ABC!!I am not SURE who as THEY refused to tell ME their NAMES!! But I managed TO escape With my TrustY and rusty SPOON like they DID in the tv show OR movie called Cold Ditch!!

Well WHEN i got back I found an Invisible Letter UNDER my Pyjamas on MY pillow!! I could ONLY read it when I had a SOCK on my head and using a FORK!!

Well it CONTAINED massive SPOILERS for LOST this season!! HEre they ARE!!

- There are 3 TIMESlines!!
- ROSE has CANCER in one TIMEline again!!
- Soya and CHARLOTTE sleep TOgether!!
- Vincent IS not a REAL dog
- WE see the Statue UNDERwater
- Richard Alpen is an immortal!!
- The DONKEY wheel was PLACE on the island by aliens!!
- Man IN black is called Man IN Black!!
- The BLACK rock is washed inland!!
- SAYID dies!!
- Richard Alport is from Egypt!!
- BEN is a Techaer!!
- MR EKo is BACK for a QUICK epiosode of STICK beating!!
- BERNARD is finally REvealed as the EVIL Alfred Hason!!
- JACK pulls some MORE crazy Faces!!
- ALL the losties APPEAR on a WALL with Numbers!!
- The FINAL episode of LOST is called "Unfolded"!!
- Mr FRIENDLY is back for a Romantic misunderstanding WITH bernard
- We SEE a baby SMOKE monster!!

the above CONTAINS spoilers so DO not read!!

Here are ALL the EPISODE titles!!

6x01- Lacks 1
6x02- Lacks 2
6x03- What Kate Knows
6x04- The Subs is Two
6x05- Lie to House (This could be A cross OVER with House!!)
6x06- Sundance
6x07- Dr Litmus
6x08- ReekCon
6x09- Abby Terno
6x10- The PackED Cage
6x11- Happy Always After
6x12- EveryBODY loves Hugo Boss
6x13- The Last Rear Crew
6x14- The Can is Dated
6x15- TBD
6x16- TBD
6x17- TBD
6x18- Unfolded 1
6x19- Unfolded 2

I am A bit sad that episoddes 6x13 - 6x17 all HAVE the same title!! The WRITERS must have run out of IDEAS. I also DONT like them ADvertisers Hugo BOSS so blatently!!

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  1. You forgot that Boone comes back from the dead as a vampire I got the pix to prove it!


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