LOST Season 6 Sneaky Peekies!!

HELLo lost FANS the penultimate SeeSON of lost is NEARLY HEre!! Just 10 MORE days to GO !! Yaaaaaaay!!

I have BEEN sent SOME top SECRETY stolen SNEAKY peeks from THE Season 6 PREMIERE of Lost LACKS 1 and LACKS 2!!

dont view if you DONT like spoiilers or people from Peru


  1. wtf are these? where did you get Season 6? It's not out yet?

  2. mIsFit,

    When I finished watching all the seasons of LOST, I only had it figured out by 7.556%, which, as you know, is a very low and quite giggly number. But then I read your posts on season 5, and then I had LOST figured out by a whopping and nubile 28.623%. So, I then decided to go and read ALL your posts from the way back in the beginning (since season -2, way back in 1996), and then I was up to having LOST figured out by 57.539%.

    Not content with my still low number (compared to you, the greatest Lostigator EVER!), I decided to read your posts all over again, but by first feeding them through a industrial strength shredder (made by IBM), and reading each individual shredded piece with a colander over my head and jello brand chocolate pudding over my eyes.

    I can now say that I am happy to report that I now (thanks to YOU!) have figured out LOST by a much more friendly and deplorable whopping 76.53298 1/2 %!!!, which is my best ever (though still nowhere near YOU, the greatest SPOILERGATOR EVER!!!) SO, I now vow to read and watch and make bigger and more massive every word and spoilering picture that you post from now on, so that I may also know the LOST show better.

    PS: I can not WAIT for the LOST premiere which airs right after the SUper Bowl on ESPN on March 2nd. Thank you mIsFiT for all you do.

  3. Oh, and mIsFiT, thank you for your wonderful spoiler computer movies that give us a sneak peak into the great and wonderful season 9, which begins in early to late to middle of MAY.

    I am so glad that they have called it LACKS 1 and LACKS 2, which proves YOUR theory of which you computer wrote way back in 1994, that NOT ONLY were there many clones on the lost island, but even that the bad others (Led by the evil dr. ALVARD HANSOLO, aka Bernard the crazed dentist), were actually COMBINING the DNA of many of our lost survivors to make super-morphing-clones to take over the world.

    Obviously the titles LACKS 1 and LACKS 2 refer to the evil super-morphed clones of LOCKE and JACK, giving us the name: LACKS. And, MY super-secret spys at the FOX network tell me that we will also see ANOTHER super-morph-clone later in the season, when the evil Jeweliette will clone dead drug-crazed Charlie with health-nut Hugo. I believe the episode will simply be titled 'CHURLY'

    Please continue to post many more spoileriffic tidbits and and amazing gigantic pictures so that I may increase my figuring out of LOST to over 80.426%.


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