THe MISFits Dares TO ask!! Questions ABOUT Lacks!!

I HOPE you all enjoyed MY terrific POST about the Season 6 PREMIERE of lost lacks!!

I have NOW examined the EPISODE again WHILST placing my HEAD in a GOldfish BOWL to maxmimise MY viewing PLEASURE and I have FOUND some STUFF!! DisturbiNG stuff!!

Why is THE woman on Right SHOOTing into the AIR!! They NEED to learn to AIM better!!

More terrible MArkamnship HERE!! One of THEM is not EVEN looking!! Terible!!

Using mY spoon DID you notice HOW Locke JUST appeared and DISappared QUICKLY!!

There is A NEW SHIPing ROmance ON LOST!! It is BETWEEN SUn and FRANK!! I call this SHIP "FUN" !! I rand THIS photo through my ROMANCE indicator (still in BETA) and IT came up with a ROMANCE value of 99.9448864% BEtween these 2!!

Sayid APPEARS to have let HIMself go a BIT!!

You WOULD of thought They could HAVE put poor Lock BACK in the Crate!!

I was DISGUSTED yet somewhat curious ABOUT this attempted ThreeSOME!! Poor SAYID!!

I would HAVE thought SAWyer would HAVE tucked POOR juliets ARMS in!! AND why DID he NOT take here to the MAGIC Jacquzzi IN the temple to MAKE here better!!

I was SHOCKed and tickled THAT they FOUND Juliets DEATH so FUNNY!! I cried LIKE a 13th Century MONK!!


  1. Maybe your funniest analysis yet, Misfit. Truly the work of a genius.

  2. Hi Mr. Misfit! That goldfish bowl is quite an asset because this is one of your most astute (& hilarious) reviews. The Romance Indicator is quite the clever thing although I picked up on that most meaningful look between Richard & Locke without one. But then you showed I was mistaken because Locke was very rude to Richard, knocking him to the sand so brutally. Doesn't Kate look disgusted over that hapless menange a twa tho! Yes Poor Sayid! and also poor Juliet. Just how many times does a person on this Eyeland have to die anyway!

  3. i CANT BElieve you FORgoT to menTION that Frank has FIRE COMING ouT OF hIS BUtT!!! Your LOSTIGATING skills are FAILING!!!!!


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