My REVIEWS!! Episode 6x01 - Lacks PArt 1 and Part 2


It was great to SEE lost last NIGHT!! I was SO excited that ONE of my socks Exploded!!

HEre is MY revieww AND questions that OTHER so called LOST fans dare to ASK publicalLy or Privately or TELEpathically!!

I wil POST more later!!

It LOOKS like MY theory ON lost about ALIENS that I predicted in 1997 IS true!! The WRITERS left this LITTLE shout out TO me personally!!

Look sLIKE I was correct again IN my Dharma SHARK as WELL. I dont THINK any other Lost fan or GOssip GIRL fan spotted this!!

It was GREAT to see My friendly Agian but I was SHOCKED to see THAT John Lennon WAS on the show!!

It LOOKS like the Skin INFECTION that I first discovered IN Season 5 has TRANSFERRED to the ALty TIMEline!!

EVEN juliet HAS it now

She KISSES saywer and NOW he HAS it!! THis IS not GOOD!!

WHY is Illana AIMING at the Camerman!!

Poor BRAM was TOO fat for his CIRCLE of hash!!

THis Doogon Character HAS super strentght!! HE smashed the IRON ankh over his KNEE!!

I still AM not sure ABOUT casting JOHN lennon on LOST!! (I have to admit that I thought HE was dead!!)

THis was NOT the time OR the plce for a FIREWORKS display!!

Crazy CLAIRE is back but her WIG was awful!! What is she HIDING under it!! Maybe BAYBeeeeee Erin!!

Nice TO SEE mr Youghart AGIAN and he seems to HAVE recovered FROM the burning ARROWS

I got VERY confused in THAT cindy seems to have a TWIN!!

Poor ACTING from Charlie!! I don't think HE realised the CAMERAs were oN!! He was asleep!!

Not SURE why JACK was trying to insert a BAg of DRUGS up his NOSE!!


  1. nice spotting the shark, it looks like a clue the island was sunk in modern times, that was the future... not an alternate past! maybe the aliens come in the last episode and sink the island to kill smokey robinson on behalf of christian sheppard, who i have always suspected of being an alien!

  2. I have JUST WATCHED avery GIGGLY movie called CAFFIENE which shows A FLASHFORward to WHEN PENNY, jacob and NAOMI all work IN A cafe. This is huge SPOILERIFIC NEWS as they ALL come back to LIFE LIKE the evil mr YOGhurt!

  3. The guy that looks like John Lennon---his character's name is Lennon! Seriously.

  4. As Alvar Hanso's wife it's obvious Rose knows about the aliens. Great Lostigating Misfit!
    And Claire is looking like she ATE baby Erin.

  5. holy mackeral a circle of hash
    it all seems so obvious now


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