My REVIEWS - EPisode 6x03- WHat hate DOES!!

Hello LOst FANS and misfitFOllowers!!

I havew JUSTR quickyly WATCHED lost with the SPEED set to TIMES 30 to TRY and see what NEW things I could FIND!!

HERE is My review AND questions about EPisode 6x03 WHat hate DOES!!

I could NOT believe HOW quickly CLAIRE recovered from GIVING Birth TO BABYeee erin!! How DID she get back to the ISLAND so quickly!!

HER wig stills SEEMS pretty BAD!!

It WAS very bad that SAYWER teased KAte with a WEDDING ring and then THREW it into the LAKE!!

AS the TITLE of this EPISODE suggests, what hate DOES!! Look at Poor KATE!! She so wanted that RING so that she could PROpose to Dominic Monagahan!!

WHY has BABey Erin got a LIGHT buld in him!! DId Claire accidently Eat one whilst PREgant!!

Poor COntinuity HERE!! ALthough IT was nice to SEE Trica Tanaka back IT was SILLY because SHE was killed by the Astroid AT MR Chucks!!

WHAT!! THis is outrragous!! ETHAN is dead and UNLESS he has a TWIN brother THEN this was POOR mby MR Greg Rations the COntinuity man of LOST

I FOUND it odd that SAWYER decided to take out HIS fruastation of KIlling Juliet out on his FLoorBOARDS!!

It ws GREAT to see MR Malkin again the PSychics wife!!

NOT sure WHY they put some Vitiman tablets INTO a letter!!

EVEN Sayids Acting WAS a bit Over THE toppy!!

WHY did mr TOM Friendly (IF indeed that is HIS real NAME) have a Photo of CLAIRE!!

Although IT was good TO see TOM Friendly (IF indeed that is HIS real NAME) HAS found a new Job since leaving THE island!!

WHY was there A Love BITE on Sayid CHEST!! and MORE importantly WHO put it there!!

KATE was not VERY believeable AS a CAB driver!! She FORGOT her passenger!! and EVEN left the DOOR open

I did NOT know KATE was a trained DOCTOR!!

I have TO admit I squeeled with Glee when CLaires CRAZY wig went into Kates EYE!! Just like I predicated it WOULD!!


  1. yeah, this is rubbish on so many levels.
    his attempt to be offbeat or irrverent is just lame...
    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  2. dumb and thats not even Tom Friendly, It's Dodger from China Beach. And It's Aaron by the way, not Erin.

  3. Totally Lame. And your crazy use of capitalization makes you appear to need a higher dose of your meds.

  4. holy crap are you kidding with this?? worst comments for photos I've ever seen. Keep this crap to yourself

  5. wow you have to be missing part of a chromosome

  6. this is hilarious
    its an acquired taste

  7. I feel like a lot of people are missing out. This is some pretty funny stuff. I hope to see more recaps like this!

  8. that brought the lolz. ignore the hate bro, they just mad cus the episode sucked

  9. The Misfit has been part of the Lost community since the beginning. He is definitely an acquired taste, but I love him. Rock on, bro!

  10. I agree, Dark - please never post this stuff again. Horrible


    Also the fvcktards above me completely utterly missed the point. More for the rest of us I guess.


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