My REVIEWS - EPisode 6x04 - THe SUB is Two

YES fans!! Here iS my Fanstastic REview of LAST nights ROse Centric EPisodes!!

I was quite DISgusted to SEE that Saywer had HAD an "accident" in his PANT!!

He still SEEMED very upset over RIPPING out the floorboards last WEEK!! He should really TRY to move on!!

Richards ATTEMPTS at being the ISLAND harry Houdinio FAILED badley and NEED lock to HELP out get out!!

HELEN is not a very NICE person!! Why did SHE not come OUT to the AIRPORT to pick LOCK up!!

LOCKE needs to get a bETTER chari LIFT!! It looks LIKE the island is stopping him from GETTING out

It was FANTASTIC to see that ROSE has got off the island and HAS escaped from the EVIL cluthces oF Bernard (AKA the EVIL Afro Hanso!!)

It ws ALSO nice to SEE Hurleys CLairevoyant AGAIN in this episode!! IT looks like SHE has changed JOBS

WHEN she ASKED what animal HE would BE he should hAVE said THe SMOKEy MONster or A POlar BEAR or a chip munk!!

SO that is WHERE Claires BABYBEEE erin has been all this time!!

THE island ONCE agian is PRotecting HUGO!! It looks like the island is STOPPING his car from BEING scratched!!

SEEMS like BENny got OFFF the island AS well!! NOT sure I like his NEW camp Teacher ROLE!!

SURELY locke is NOT ideally PLACED to be A running COACH!! ROSE should be fired for placeing him there!!

Great TOO see the BLACK and white Stones AGAIN!! This PROVES my theory back in 2003 THAT LOCKE and saywer are ADAM and EVE!!

SAWYERs stunt man looked NOTHING like HIM!!

I always get a BIT flushed WHEN I see FRANK lapdancers CHest for SOME reasons!! I dont THINK sun will be ABLE to resist his HAiry Charm!!

AS I predicted 3.76 Yrs AGO all the names will REALTE to the numbers!! It was ALSO nice to see a SHOUTOUT by the WRITIER Damon LandoFF and Carlos Cursed to PUT my name On the WALL!! I wonder HOW many of you Spotted that!!


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