My reVIEWS!! The Lie OUtHouse

HELLO I am sorry FOR my late review!! SOme men in coats came LOOKIng for me SO I hid in MY fridge!!

It LOOKS like JAck has an INFECTION in his cheeck AS it is STARTing to BULGE!!

DI you NOTICE the SYMBOLS!! I ran it through MY Symbols RECOGNITION software (Version and IT translated IT to THere is A BIRD looking for A Flying FISH near a KITE and lighthouse!!

I felt SORRY for Hurley!! His TATAtoo is NOT the best I've ever SEEN!! It seems to HAVE some Speeling MisTAKES!!

It was GOOD to see JACOB had recovered FROM his stabbing and FIRIERY accident!! The ISLAND seems to HAVE healed him WEll!!

SOmething IS seriously WRONG with Jacks HEAD!! It's ALL lumpy!!

I screamed LIKE an excited BUT sleep mongoose when I saw the Bodies of Alan and Eve again!!

DID you notice the photo behide JACK!! I did!! I ran it through MY deblurring PROGRAM and it recognised it AS BEN and a my neighbor FRANK!!

EVEN jacks Tattoos WERE back this WEEK!!

WHY was callous KATE laughing when she FIRED at the rock!! THe rock was doing no harm TO anyone that I could tell!!

Poor BABY Erin did look seriously malnourished!!

DID you SPOT jack stuck in THE window?

This CHURCH was the same one THEY had a memorial FOR his DAD!!

THere SEEMED to be some CLONES of Hurley AND jack for some reason!!

It was NICE to see DOGON dressed more SMARTLY!! NICE to see he made and EFFORt for Parents night!!

WHAT was claire thinking!! A pair of Scissors WOULD Have been safer to CUT the ropes!! She needs to GO on a Health and SAFETY course!!

FOr some REason HURLEY started to go TRANPArant!!

NICE to see JAcks Name on the COMPASS

Looks LIKE rouseous WAS there as WELL!!

And the KEY player McHenry!!

Did you SPOT my name on HERE!! A nice shout out BY David Lindelof ANd Cartonn Cursed!!

I went all gay when I saw this GREAT jack face!!

Jack SHOUDL not have done THAT!! Now all the BOATS will crash on the ISLAND like Desmonds did!!


  1. I am so proud of you . . didn't call it The Shitehouse

  2. Wait... mIsFiT--your neigbour's name is Frank? Frank Lapdancer? No wonder his hairy charm has you all giddy.

    BTW, I also went all gay knowing that you went all gay at that spectacular Jack Face.

  3. Can't believe you missed this misfit... check out those holes near the names on the lighthouse protractor. They look like holes on a dartboard to me. I bet Jacob and his nemesis have been having drunken parties up in the lighthouse and throwing darts to decide who's a candidate. It's all random and the result of their drunken beer games.


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