The MISFit Dares TO Ask - SHOWdown

I coulD not DO a FULL review THIS week BACuse my Pussy ESCAPE and I could NOT find HIM!!

I eventuallY found HIM under MY bed!! BUt it was A very WORRYING 8 mintues!!

Here ARE the questions THAT other SO Called LOSTIGATORS dare to ASK!!

IS Frank LAPdancer a GHOST!! HIs shirt IS unuslally WHITE!! maybe he USES very good deturdgent!!

Why WAS doogon TRYing to stab Himself!!

LOOK at this MYSTERY!! Sayeed STABS locke int he HEART through his POCKET!! BUT!!

Then IT shows that it is UNDER his POCKET!! David Lindelov and Carly Cuse MUST answer THIS!!

WHy are LOCKE and CLAIRE having a LONG arm competition!!


  1. Great Lostigating.

    As for the knife thing, I think Locke forced the knife down below his pocket using his powers so that it doesn't kill him.

    That, or he could be Jacob.

  2. you've got a spelling error.
    It's not Carly Cuse, it's CARLY CURSED.

    just thought to let you know. keep up the good lostigating


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