I will COVER new Shows in THE future!!

Many PEOPLE have emailed ME and said THAT they found my INVESTIGATIONS into LOST very GOOD and helped THEM UNDEerstand THE show MORE and they WANT me TO do the SAME for OTHER shows!!

I will START this after MY Season 6 LOST finale RECAP while WE wait for SEASON 7

WHAT other SHOWS would you like ME to investigate!!

I will BE using the FOLLOWING technicques to EXAMIME each EPisode!!
- Watching the EPISODE upside down
- WATCHIN it BAckups
- Watching IT through a FORK
- Watching I T blindfolded
- Watching IT through my SOCKS!!
- Watching IT with some Jam in MY ears!!

I find that THE best combination to enable ME to find all THE clues THAT other people Cannot find!!

You will HAVE to let ME know by FILLING out the comments FORM under this POST as to WHICH shows YOU want me to EXAMINE. THe MOST popular ones WILL get LOSIGATED by the great Lostigator!!


  1. You must do shows that have Lost characters such as the new 5-0 with Jin, V with Juliette, etc.

  2. Yeah, investigate Fringe for us oh faithful Misfit!

  3. how i met your mother! we could use your ultra advanced techniques to find who is the mother

  4. i WOUld lOve it IF yoU inveSTIgateD frINGe!


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