First PHotos FROM season 8 OF lost!!

It has BEEN a long TIme but NOW my blog is All Jazzed UP and SPECIAL it is TIME to post the PHOTOS from the SET of SEASON 8!!

It looks like LOCK and gin have RETURNED!!

I am NOT sure WHY Season 7 HAS not AIRED yet!! It has BEEN a long TIME since Season 6 FInished and I cannot WAIT to watch it!!

LOCK seems Balder THAN before and gin a BIT Younger so I think THIS is a FLASH-Diagonal.

If ANYone noes When Season 7 starts PLEASE inform ME immediatly in the COmment SECTIONS

SPoilers ABOVE


  1. Thank God, Misfit, I thought had killed you!!!

  2. I have the full season 7 o DVD, I can lend to you :)

    Season 7 was not very strong.  They "meta flashes" to the lives of the writers to show how their lives were connected to the stories they were writing for the characters in the show.  I find the writer's room more facinating (the scenes of simply developing the storylines) than the time Damon had an argument with his mother over lying to him about flushing his goldfish.  I could see how it was connected to the scene where Jin lied about how much fish he caught (pissing off all the Losties since Walt was actually starving to death after his sickness), but he (Jin) had to have enough protein for his and Kate's baby. Poor Jin. He hasn't been the same since Sun died, and Kate and her baby is all he has left.

  4. ...and again. THANKS. I see that you "always have a plan"!

  5. I heard a rumour that season 7 of LOST will be disguised as a new show called ALCATRAZ that will start in January.

  6. i hate to do this, but Lost ended in season 6.. thats why you havent seen season 7 or 8, and the pictures of locke and jin are from a new show called Hawai 5-O


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