The WEEKLY where were you 6 MONTHS ago!!

HELLO lositgator fans!! My good friend Frederick told ME that A good NEW feature would BE each week TO to POST 2 article from 6 MONTHS ago today for new lostigator FANS to enjoy and TO see if MY facts have PROVEN to be 10% correct!! This POST will appear each FRIDAY!!

This WEEK I want to LOOK back at two OF my BIGGEST discoveries ever!!

Another WORLD exclusive!! Two TIMESLINES on lost!!


I have FOUND the hanson world HEADQUARTERS!!

I think YOU will find that EVEN 6 months AGO I was the best!!


  1. OMG, that webcam, it's AMAZING!!!

    I can right look down from the Hanso headquater, it has to be Alvar's office, exactly where he was standing not long ago!

  2. Misfit you Rascal....Much like Harry KissingHer you have brought two worlds together with your lostigating. I was stumbling through a barrage of midget webporn when your site came across my browser like a freshman in a frathouse. Keep up the lostigating.


  3. Oooh I´m sure that it will be proven to be up to 15 % correct! I agree with you 10 % on the two timeslines theory!!!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST LOSTIGATOR MR LOSTIGATOR!!!!

    LOTS OF LOVE - and how about that lunch?

    love and kisses , Viktoría

  4. OOO, that timeline... i cannot see them making a mistake like that, must a reson for it. GREAT FIND!

  5. Hey misfit!

    Did you notice those pesky numbers popping up on Ugly Betsy this week?

  6. Very Gay idea, not gay as in homosexual, but gay as in you.

  7. some of you people calling him wanker or a idiot, should at least know now that this is a parody blog. :rolleyes: just enjoy the ride.

  8. this is not a parody cause its not funny
    and britsh hummor is funny as hell and this is lame
    must be cause hes irish


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