AND the WInner IS!!

YES people OF internet AGE it is TIME to announce AND tell you the WINNERS from my RECENT polls!!

1st PLACE!! The 32 FACES & split PERSONALITIES of Alvor Hanso!!
2nd PLACE!! Why WAS everyone IN this Episode Asleep!!

The MISFITs Dares TO ask!! - WHy has LOCK only GOT 1 EAR!!
The MISFIT dares TO ASK!! Why IS ben WEARING a DRESS!!


  1. I am so happy THAT Alvor Hanso's split PERSONALITIES won!!!1!
    I hope you don't MIND, but I used your pictures FOR my userpics on Livejournal because I am such a BIG fan of the world's greatest living LOSTIGATOR.

  2. Lord Lostigator, you opened my eyes with your bernAARD/ Hanso find. Before I always thought he was an innocent dentist. Now I know better - he is pure evil, more evil than any other lost baddie ever to go to the island, even more evil than Charles Wideload!
    Have you also noticed that he is the only person on the island with wonky teeth and Rose said he likes sweets back in season 2. More proof that he is not a dentistst but an evil lying liar!!!


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